Melvin Jones Fellow
1. Frank Rivera   3.Bert Alota   5. Pel Reid (Progressive MJF)  
2. Guada Rivera  4.Willie Gammad  6. Adele Toledo 7. Felix Mallorca
8. Virginia Williams  9. Joselyn Ragonese 10. Lou Reyes  11. Matet Dalindin 12. Josie Hulsey 13. Elaine Vanzant 14. Lucy Long
Sponsored Clubs
Vietnamese-American Lions Club
Good Samaritan Lions Club
Brotherhood Lions Club
October Growth Award
Lion Year 2007-2008
Lion Year 2010-2011
Membership Excellence Award (Year Round Growth)
Lion Year 2007-2008
Lion Year 2009-2010
Club Excellence Award
Lion Year 2007-2008
Lion Year 2009-2010
President's Excellence Award
Frank Rivera LY 2007-2008
Leo Williams LY 2009-2010
President's Retention Campaign Award
Lion Year 2007-2008
Family Membership Pioneer Award
Lion Year 2007-2008
Lion Year 2008-2009
Lion Year 2009-2010
Awarded as no.10 Top Club for the District 4-L6 LY 2009-2010
21'st Century Up and Coming Award
Leo Williams LY 2009-2010
New Millenium Award
Bert Alota LY 2009-2010
Nominated for MD-4 Excellence Award
Leo Williams LY 2009-2010
Membership Advancement Key Award
Frank Rivera LY 2007-2008,2008-2009
Leo Williams LY 2009-2010
Builder Key Award Recipients
Frank Rivera
Eden Soliman
Ernie Tactay
Leo Williams
Certified Guiding Lions
Leo Williams
Virginia Williams
LCI Certificate of Excellence for Completion of Club Activity Report
Club Secretary Virginia Williams
LY 2008-2009
LY 2009-2010
LY 2010-2011
Club's Lion of the Year Award
Guada Rivera LY 2007-2008
Edith Rillamas LY 2009-2010
Larry Miller LY 2010-2011
Virginia Williams LY 2010-2011
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