Our logo represents our goals in lionism. It depicts the famous places and icons in San Diego within a circular frame. The round shape symbolizes an endless commitment and continuous dedication to the community of San Diego…hence, the club’s name “San Diego Forever”.

   Within it, is the Coronado Bridge that connects the island of Coronado to downtown San Diego, it represents the challenges that the club will encounter in providing services and the bridge that we will built to connect and deliver it to the communities that are in need.

   In the foreground is the world renowned Hotel del Coronado, a wooden Victorian structure by the beach front of Coronado Island; well known, famous and distinguished through the years, it symbolizes an ardent yearning for the club to be as celebrated and lasting.

   The skyline of San Diego appears in the background with the Convention Center, the Gaslamp District, and Petco Park (Ball Park); these represents the prominent structures of our recent time depicting the goal of the club to be as legendary, stable and hopeful.

   As San Diego is the home of the US Pacific Fleet, in the center is the USS Midway, the first ship to be commissioned after the end of World War II and the lead ship of her class; it was active during the Vietnam War and Desert Storm and was decommissioned as a ship museum in 2007. Same thing that the club is hoping for is to leave its mark in the history…powerful, impressive and mighty.

   On top is the famous “Shamu” of Sea World, hoisting the lions logo, it illustrates that the members of this club are proud to joined the largest and number one service organization in the world and will push to move the organization onward, upward and forward and hope that we will be as huge, massive and colossal.     

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