Scarborough Central Lions Club was chartered in June of 1940 when it was sponsored by the Beaches Lions Club.  Among the 33 founding members were: Reeve Bert Clutterbuck (the first club President),  Dr. Unsworth Jones,  and Reg King (after whom the R H King College was named).

Charter members Lions A.M. (Ab) Campbell (who became Mayor of Scarborough and chairman of the Metropolitan Toronto), and Bert Sharpe (counselor in 1947-48) were instrumental in the building of Scarborough Arena in 1951, and with the help of Lion Cliff Emerson in the building of the Birchmount Swimming Pool in 1955.

The club grew to 55 members in 1966, and all its members helped in raising funds for the needy in the community. SCLC supported Christmas baskets, Clothes, eyes glasses, wheelchairs, and transportation for the clink and handicapped. Scarborough Central Lions ran the “Beerfest” tent for the handicapped athletes day at Variety Village, attended most parades with the club’s antique firetruck and  clowns, and man more worthwhile projects.

Indeed the over the years the Scarborough Central Lions Club has worked hard to enrich the lives of the people in their community.  Their hard work, and dedication to improving the local community life has helped shape the history of Scarborough, and made it a better place to live.

Chief among those achievements are the construction of the Scarborough Arena, the Birchmount Swimming Pool, and the Scarborough Boys Club.  The club has also been an instrumental help to St. Joseph Camp for the Visually Impaired, Camp Dorset Resort for the people with kidney problems, and the Ontario Disabled Ski Team.

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