Young Leaders in Service Awards

This award recognizes students, ages 12-18, for their community service activities within at 12-month period.  There are two levels of recognition:

  • Gold Level - for those student who have completed 100 hours of community service.

  • Silver Level - for those students that have completed 50 hours of community service.

To apply, you will need to complete a tracking form documenting your community service activities, and then your school's community service faculty advisor will need to complete and sign the certification form.  For any questions and to submit your forms, please contact Pam Andrews at

The application deadline is May 1st.


Student Speakers Contest

This is a great opportunity for high school students to practice their oratory skills and earn scholarship money from the Lions Student Speaker Foundation. Each year a new timely topic is chosen, with the competition starting in January and running through March.  Locations and times vary at each level. 

The winner of the first level, the Club Level, receives $100, with the amount increasing as you progress through the levels.  Zone winners receive a $150 scholarship, Region winners receive a $250 scholarship, District winners receive a $4,500.00 scholarship, Area winners receive a $6,500.00 scholarship and the winner of the Multiple District Four Contest receives an additional $10,000.00 scholarship.

Student interested in participating in this competition must be sponsored by a local Lions Club, such as the Santa Monica - Pacific Palisades Lions Club.  To participate or get more information, please contact Carole Mullaney at

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