The Sanger Lions Club was founded on March 5, 1945 with the help of the Denton Lions Club.  The clubs founding members were mainly farmers and business men who met twice a month on Monday nights. 

The club went inactive for a brief period in the early 1980's and was re-established in October 21, 1986 and has been active ever since.  Our original charter is kept at the Sanger Library for safe keeping and on view for those interested in our local history.

In January of 2024, three new types of memberships were added, Affiliate Membership, Future Lions and a Cubs Club. An affiliate member is someone who is not able to participate as an active member of the club but desires to support the club and it’s community service initiatives while volunteering alongside their family.

The Future Lions members are 13 to 17 years of age. These Young Leaders in Service will receive Community Service Hours while serving the community along with family members and other affiliate and active Lions. The Cubs Club are members age 12 and below who serve with the families and will learn the valuable lessons of community service, helping those in need. 

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