Some of our ongoing projects include:


The Lions Club raised the funds to participate in the POW/MIA CHAIR OF HONOR PROGRAM. The chair has been completed and staged at Sandown Town Hall. Thank you to all who contributed. 
A POW/MIA chair in any location is to remain perpetually empty to help people remember that even though our soldiers are not here, there is always space for them. POW/MIA Chairs of Honor can be found in public spaces ranging from professional sports stadiums to small town city halls, and everywhere in between.


Shriners Hospitals for Children in Springfield and Boston have been collecting pull-tabs or “pop-tops” from beverage cans since 1989, recycling them, and putting the money toward programs that directly benefit children.

Since its inception, about a half-million pounds of aluminum tabs have been collected and recycled.

Did you know: The tabs are the only pure aluminum part of the can, and the cans may still be returned for deposit even after the tabs are removed.

Here are just some of the items that the Shriners Hospital has purchased over the years:
  • A Baxter Infusion Pump, used to dispense pain medication.
  • Arthrometer used to measure the degree of instability in the knee.
  • Bullard Laryngoscope used by an anesthesiologist to place a breathing tube in a patient who has a complex airway.
  • A 10-foot trailer for the hospital van, used to transport medical equipment and records to outreach clinics throughout New England and New York State.
  • Computerized Pressure Mapping, a force sensing array used in evaluating pressure distribution for patients requiring customized wheelchair seating systems.


Eye glass collection boxes are at the post office, the library, town hall and the transfer station.

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