Thanks to our Golf Sponsors, Please support them:  SponsorDonorList


June 2nd - BINGO

Cathy MacDonald, $400 coverall winner tonight.  She made a generous $50 donation back to us.

Just an FYI - that brings our Bingo donations up to $710 for this fiscal year.  In my opinion, that is very impressive๐Ÿ‘.



Lion Lynne Gallian


The following Lions are celebrating birthdays this month, so wish them the best! 

Bruce Hamilton, 6-26

Cathy Pentino, 6-29

"I’m at that age where my mind still thinks I’m 29; my humor suggests I’m 12, while my body mostly keeps asking if I’m sure I’m not dead yet.” - unknown


We have four anniversaries this month!  Congrats and best wishes go to:

6-5-11 Don and Lynne Gallian  13 years

6-7-69 Bruce and Bea Hamilton  55 years

6-21-75 Carl and Cathy Halvorsen  49 years

6-25-95 Bob and Yvonne Birchmore 29 years

"To love is nothing.  To be loved is something.  But to be loved by the person you love is everything.”- Unknown


And a final thought for the month…

”Live your beliefs and you can turn the world around.” – Henry David Thoreau



May 2024 - Club News

May 24th


May 14th - Membership Meeting @ The Club

Mickey Plyler, Clemson athletics radio show host, presented speaker gift by Lion Sammy Alward-Bury

for his excellent presentation on the state of college athletics with NIL issues and ACC realignment.



Lion Lynne Gallian

SAVE THE DATE:  It is that time of the year for our biannual Salem Lions Potluck Picnic!  So, mark your calendars for Monday, June 24th from 4-7 pm at the Leisure Trail Shelter.  Details to follow in June!  The food is yummy, the day is usually perfect, and the conversations fun!  See y'all there!!!
The following Lions are celebrating birthdays this month, so wish them the best! 
5-1      Judith Miller
5-11    Carolyn Maddox
5-13    Janet Dale
"Don't let aging get you down.  It's too hard to get back up!" - John Wagner
These couples are celebrating anniversaries this month, so congratulations to them!
5-16-81    Don and Chellye Pomeroy  43 years
5-20-00    Geno and Sammy Bury  24 years
5-25-74     Ernie and Terri Mayberry  
"One day my wife's credit card got stolen...what a relief it is to find that the thief spends less than my wife." - Anonymous 



April 2024 - Club News


April 27th  - Town of Salem Community Clean Up

On Saturday, April 27, the town of Salem, SC held a community clean up. Twenty-six bags of trash were

collected by volunteers. Participating from Keowee Key are Salem Lions Club members Mike and Pam Caranci,

pictured below, third and fourth from the left.


April 8th - Membership Meeting @ Lighthouse Event Center

Speakers, Dean Woods of Foothills Community Foundation and Daniel Prohaska of Lions Vision Services,

with President Jan Espie-Steffen.


Daniel Prohaska, President & CEO of Lions Vision Services, presents award for Largest Club Contribution

(District 32S) to President Jan Espie-Steffen.



President Jan Espie-Steffen presents Membership Key to Lion Judith Miller for sponsoring 2 new members.


April 7th - BINGO

Lion Charlie Marra with Susann Mitton, the jackpot winner of $200.



Lion Lynne Gallian

SAVE THE DATE:  It is that time of the year for our biannual Salem Lions Potluck Picnic!  So, mark your calendars for Monday, June 24th from 4-7 pm at the Leisure Trail Shelter.  Details to follow!  The food is yummy, the day is usually perfect, and the conversations fun!  See y'all there!!!
The following Lions are celebrating birthdays this month, so wish them the best! 
4-3    Don Pomeroy
4-8    Pam Caranci
4-18  Charlie Marra
"At age 20, we worry about what others think of us.  At age 40, we don't care what they think of us.  At age 60, we discover they haven't been thinking of us at all."  - Ann Landers
We don't have any anniversaries this month.  But you can still show the one you love that you consider every day with them worthy of celebration, anniversary or not!


March 2024 - Club News

Mar 18th - Annual Charity BBQ Dinner

Jeff Brown & Tom Kurman receive donation for Tunnel to Towers from BBQ Co-Chair, Sammy Alward-Bury.


Mar 11th - Membership Meeting - Overlook Rm @ The Club

The speakers for this meeting were Daniel Hittner, Special Agent Homeland Security Investigations,

Jeremiah McLaney, Special Agent, and Jose Covarrubias, Group Supervisor shown with 1st VP, Sammy Alward-Bury.


Mar 3rd - Bingo - Vista Room @ The Club

Salem Lion Geno won the $400 coverall tonight.  He made a very generous donation of $200๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘.



Lion Lynne Gallian

The following Lions are celebrating birthdays this month, so wish them the best! We have five birthday boys this month, and no girls!  What’s up with that?

Bob Simpson, 3-7

Cecil Dale, 3-12

Geno Bury, 3-26

Don Gallian, 3-28

George Taylor, 3-29

There is still no cure for the common birthday.” – John Glenn



February 2024 - Club News

Feb 14th - Valentine's Project - Town of Salem

The Salem Lions contributed $500 worth of items, e.g., socks, body lotions, pens/colored pencils, lip gloss, etc.

Feb 12th - Membership Meeting @ The Club Event Center

Tony Gody, Nuclear Engineer, gave an interesting presentation on Nuclear Power Today.


Farewell to Cindy & Craig Schuman

The Salem Lions wish a fond farewell to Cindy & Craig as they embark on their move to a new town.  Cindy served as

Membership Chair and Craig as Vision Chair for the past couple of years doing excellent jobs serving the Lions and their community.

We will miss them.


Feb 4th - Bingo - Vista Room @ The Club

A $1,000 donation was presented to Julie-Ann Shannon, director of Grace’s Closet, at the Salem Lions Bingo event by Lion Ted Brewer.



Lion Lynne Gallian 

The following Lions are celebrating birthdays this month, so wish them the best! 

Cindy Heldrich, 2-12

Mike Steffen, 2-22

Mike Caranci, 2-22

"Age may wrinkle the face, but lack of enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.”- Danish proverb

 We have two anniversaries this month!  Congrats and best wishes go to:

Ted/Bekah Brewer, 2-2-84

Rocky/Cathy Pentino, 2-23-07

 "Spend a few minutes a day really listening to your spouse.  No matter how stupid their problems may sound to you.” – Megan Mullally



January 2024 - Club News

Jan 23 - Christ Central Ministry Donation

The Salem Lions donated four Chromebooks to Christ Central Ministry Oconee/Oconee AddictionRecovery Solutions. Their mission is to give hope, cultivate change and restore lives for those seeking recovery from substance abuse.  CCMO/OARS will achieve this mission through a combination of in-house recovery programs and non-residential intervention and educational programs.

They currently house around 17 men who are recovering from substance use disorder and trying totransition back into the workforce. They will use these Chromebooks to research and apply for jobs online. 

Shown here accepting the donation is Frank Messana, Administrative Director of CCMO/OARS and Lion Ted Brewer.


Jan 8th - Meeting

VP, Lion Sammy Alward-Bury, with speaker Nick Schnabel, Assistant Head Coach and Recruiting Coordinator for Clemson Baseball.  


Membership induction of Lions Cecil & Janet Dale accompanied by Membership Chair, Lion Cindy Schuman.



Lion Lynne Gallian

The following Lions are celebrating birthdays this month, so wish them the best! 

John Ishler, 1-6 (Celebrating his 89th year!)

Bob Birchmore, 1-8

Frank Forbes, 1-15

"Time may be a great healer, but it is a lousy beautician"- Anonymous

Congrats and best wishes go to:

Craig and Cindy Schuman, 1-9-71

Ron and Karen Sliwa, 1-23-71

Both of these couples are celebrating  53 years!  Congratulations on a job well done.  (Not sure 'job' was the right word, but you know what I mean!

."Do you know what it means to come home at night to a woman who'll give you a little love, a little affection, a little tenderness?  It means you're in the wrong house;  that's what it means." - Henny Youngman



December 2023 - Club News


Dec 23rd Salvation Army Bell Ringing

Lion John Gerhart at the kettle!


Dec 11 - Holiday Dinner/Meeting

Seneca High School 2023 Madrigal Singers.

President Jan Espie-Steffen (right) thanks Madrigal Singers Director, Allyss Beek Haecker, and offers donation.


Dec 7 & 8 - Holiday Sale Distribution

Gabriella (Geno's granddaughter), Lions Cathy Halvorsen, Carl Halvorsen, Bekah Brewer, Ernie Mayberry, Don Pomeroy, John Gerhart & Geno Bury.


Dec 5 & 6 - Salvation Army Bell Wringing

Lions Cecil & Janet Dale working the bells!


Lions Charlie Marra .......................................&..............Ted Brewer


Lion Sue Harnett with Ellen Harnett ................................... & ........  Lion John Gerhart


Lions Mike Steffen ..........................................&..................................Ernie Mayberry


Dec 3rd - Bingo @ Keowee Key Event Center

Lion Jerry Slavik calls the numbers and Lion Mike Caranci (big hat) runs computer display.


Dec 3rd - Town of Salem Christmas Parade

Lions Pam & Mike Caranci.....................................Lions Cindy & Craig Schuman

Lion Mike Caranci & State Senator Thomas Alexander



Lion Lynne Gallian

The following Lions are celebrating birthdays this month, so wish them the best!
Edna Melamed, 12-8
Ernie Mayberry, 12-16
Ben Richards, 12-25
"I see people around my age mountain climbing;  and I feel good just getting my leg through my underwear without losing my balance."
- Anonymous
We have only one anniversary this month!  Congrats and best wishes go to:
Dan and Jacquelyn Treffert, 12-7 for 14 years.
"Before you marry a person you should first make them use a computer with really slow internet to see who they really are."- Will Ferrell


November 2023 - Club News


Nov 24 - Salvation Army Bell Wringing

Lion Carl Halvorsen with grandson Guy                                      Lions Ted & Bekah Brewer


Salvation Army Angel Tree Toy Collection


November 13th Meeting

Salem Lions VP, Sammy Alward-Bury, gave an excellent presentation honoring veterans.


November 11th - Veterans Day Breakfast @ The Club

Lions Carl Halvorsen and Frank Forbes among the veterans at the Veterans Breakfast at The Club of Keowee Key.


November 5th - Bingo

Frank Schank receives Bingo grand prize of $250 from Lion Charlie Marra.


November 3rd - Leader Dog Plaque Recognition

Lion Lynne Gallian
The following Lions are celebrating birthdays this month, so wish them the best! 
Daniel Trefert, 11-8
Stephen Hill, 11-15
Joyce Nichols, 11-29
"Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art."- Stanislaw Jerzy Lee
We have three anniversaries this month!  Congrats and best wishes go to:
George and Judy Blanchard, 11-2-63
Mike and Jan Steffen, 11-26-10
Mike and Pam Caranci, 11-29-21
"Marriage is like pantyhose.  It all depends on what you put into it."- Phyllis Schlaflly


October 2023 - Club News


October 31th - Salvation Army Food Pantry

Halvorsen's doing community service - Guy, Cathy & Jenna (Carl behind camera).


October 27th & 28th - Candy Day at Walmart

Lions Cecil & Janet Dale...................................Lions Charlie Marra & Bekah Brewer

Lion Craig Schuman & a future Lion?

Lion Sue Harnett with sister-in-law, Ellen Harnett; Lions Sammy Alward-Bury & Geno Bury.

Lions Cathy & Carl Halvorsen

Lion Mike Steffen...........................................Lions Jan Espie-Steffen & Ernie Mayberry


October 9th Meeting

The Salem Lions were pleased to add two new members, Dale and Michele Blazek, at their October meeting. 

Pictured here is South Carolina District 32 S Council Chairman Jim Barbare inducting

Lion Blazek with his sponsor Craig Schuman and Salem Lions President Jan Steffen.


The Salem Lions have donated some vision screening equipment to the Blue Ridge Lions Club

to be used by clubs in the Greenville Area.  Pictured here are Past District Governor Jim Barbare

and Salem Lions Vision Screening Chairman Craig Schuman at the October club meeting.


Oct 1st : BINGO

The October Bingo event was another big success with 105 players

and prize money paid out was $1,040.  Pictured here is the

Jackpot winner of $300, Robert Douglas with Lion Charlie Marra. 

The next Bingo will be November 5 in the Vista Room.


Lion Lynne Gallian
The following Lions are celebrating birthdays this month, so wish them the best! 
Sue Harnett, 10-2
Rocky Pentino, 10-3
"Age is simply the number of years, the world has been enjoying you!" - Anonymous
We have no anniversaries this month.


September 2023 - Club News


September 11th Meeting

Speaker, Mike Hill of Bob Hill Realty, accepts $1,000 check presented by Lion Geno Bury from the Salem Lions

to sponsor and field a team for the Seneca Sertoma 3rd Annual Charity Golf Tournament on October 11th

at Keowee Key Country Club.


Sep 3rd : BINGO

Lion Lynne Gallian
The following Lions are celebrating birthdays this month, so wish them the best! 
Ted Brewer, 9-4
Cindy Schuman, 9-6
George Blanchard, 9-9
Myles Cohen, 9+15
Jerry Slavik, 9-22
"At my age the only pole dancing I do is to hold on to the safety bar in the bathtub." - anonymous
We have only one anniversary this month!  Congrats and best wishes go to:
Jerry and Sharon Slavik, 9-22-95 
 "An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have.  The older she gets;  the more interested he is in her." - Agatha Christie



August 2023 - Club News


August 28th Meeting

Speaker Aaron Dix, Executive Director of Prisma Health EMS - Oconee Divison, flanked by President Jan Espie-Stephen

and Speaker Coordinator Sammy Alward Bury.  Aaron made an informative presentation on the excellent EMS services

provided to Oconee County by Prisma.


First Vice District Governor, Earlene Corrothers, and President Jan Espie-Stephen present Lion Craig Schuman,

Vision Chairperson, with The Leader Dogs for the Blind Award for his dedicated service to the Salem LC and

community in Oconee county.


Aug-14 :  Annual Fund Drive Envelope Stuffing

Salem Lions preparing the mailing for the Annual Fund Drive (top to bottom): Charlie Marra, Don Pomeroy, Bob Simpson,

Dan Treffert, Elaine Simpson, Cathy Halvorsen, JJ Miller, Cynthia Heldrich, Rick Heldrich, Ben Richards, Vicki Turner and

Carl Halvorsen (behind camera).


Salem Lions Serving Oconee County


Salem Lions Dan Treffert, Carl Halvorsen, Carolyn Maddox, Charlie Marra,  Cathy Halvorsen & JJ Miller assist the Salvation Army.



August 6th - BINGO

Bingo Winners!


Lion Lynne Gallian
The following Lions are celebrating birthdays this month, so wish them the best! 
Elaine Simpson, 8-8
Carl Halvorsen, 8-12
Bekah Brewer, 8-14
Julie Brennan, 8-15
"Aging seems to be the only available way to live a long life." - Kitty Collins
We have no anniversaries this month.


July 2023 - Club News


July 24th Meeting

2023-24 Board of Directors: President: Jan Espie-Steffen, 1st VP-Speakers Chair: Sammy Alward-Bury,

2nd VP-Leadership Chair: Dan Treffert, Secretary-Website Administrator: Ernie Mayberry, Treasurer: Carl Halvorsen,

Director-Lion Tamer-Environment: Don Pomeroy, Director-Community Outreach: Carolyn Maddox,

Director: Cathy Halvorsen, Director-Tail Twister: Mike Steffen, Director-Membership Chair: Cindy Schuman,

Past President: Ted Brewer, Director-Vision Chair: Craig Schuman.


New President Jan Espie-Steffen receives the gavel from Past President Ted Brewer.


State Senator/Lion Thomas Alexander inducted new members. With Sponsor Craig Schuman are Ben Richards

and Vicki Turner. With Sponsor Carl Halvorsen are Cindy & Rich Heldrich. With Sponsor Cathy Halvorsen are

Bob & Elaine Simpson.


Senator/Lion Thomas Alexander presents Member Advancement Keys to Lions Ted Brewer and Don Gallian,

both have been responsible for sponsoring 5 members to Lionism.


Sandy Moore from The Club @ Keowee Key receives Award of Thanks for the past year of service as bartender to Bingo

from Bingo Chair John Gerhart.


Lions Sammy Alward-Bury & Cathy Halvorsen presented an excellent recognition of Salem Lions Club

members for their service during 2022-23.


Link to presentation:  2022-23 Salem LC Recognition



Salem LC's slide of recognition for 2022-23.


July 20th -  United Way of Oconee County

Salem Lions Carl Halvorsen, Rick Heldrich, Dan Treffert, Ernie Mayberry, Ted Brewer, Carolyn Maddox and Cathy Halvorsen

assist the UWOC in preparing and counting materials for the Annual Back to School Bookbag Giveaway.



Lion Lynne Gallian
The following Lions are celebrating birthdays this month, so wish them the best! 
Cathy Halvorsen, 7-4
Sammy Bury, 7-4 
Craig Schuman, 7-11
Ron Sliwa, 7-13
Debbie Cohen, 7-13
Jan Steffen, 7-13
Lynne Gallian, 7-21
"Life is like a roll of toilet paper.  The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes." - Anonymous
We have only one anniversary this month!  Congrats and best wishes go to:
Debbie and Myles Cohen, 7-26-1981
 "Marriage is the process of finding out what kind of man your wife would have preferred." - Anonymous


June 2023 - Club News


June-26 Meeting

Speaker, Jon Holland - Tamassee DAR School CEO, receives $1000 donation from Treasurer, Carl Halvorsen.


Lion Dan Treffert displays thank you poster received from the Salvation Army for the Salem Lions bell ringing effort.


Jun-16 Vision Screening : Clemson Rural Clinic - Walhalla



Happy birthday greetings to:
Tom Harnett - 6/9
Bruce Hamilton - 6/26
Cathy Pentino - 6/29
It’s sad to grow old, but nice to ripen. - Brigitte Bardot

Happy anniversary to:
Don & Lynne Gallian - 6/5
Bruce & Bea Hamilton - 6/7
George & Mary Taylor - 6/16
Carl & Cathy Halversen - 6/21
Bob & Yvonne Birchmore - 6/25
The most romantic love story isn’t Romeo and Juliet who died together, 
but Grandpa and Grandma who grew old together.โฃ๏ธ


May 2023 - Club News


May-22 Meeting

Lt. Thomas Crompton receives a thank you pen from Lion Sammy Alward-Bury for his presentation about the K-9 unit in the Oconee County Sheriff's office.


May-10 Annual Charity Golf Tournament


May-8 Meeting

Speakers from the Blue Ridge Community Center Board, Curtis White, Anna Webb & Willie Washington,

receive $500 donation from the Salem LC from Lion Mike Caranci.


Care Corner

Happy birthday ๐Ÿง

Judith Miller - May 1
Carolyn Maddox - May 11
Janet Dale - May 13
Wally Ewalt - May 25

“Age is something that doesn’t matter unless you are a cheese” - Luis Buñuel, Spanish filmmaker
Happy Anniversary ♥๏ธ
Tom and Sue Harnett - May 1
Don and Chellye Pomeroy - May 16
Geno and Sammy Bury - May 20
Ernie and Terri Mayberry - May 25

“Spread love everywhere you go.” - Mother Theresa

April 2023 - Club News


Apr-24 Meeting

Janine Hartley, Director-Operations of Wild Heart Equine Therapy Center, receives $500 donation  after

her presentation from Lion Sammy Alward-Bury, Speaker Coordinator.


Apr-10 Meeting

Speakers, Lynn & Eddie Martin, with Lion Sammy Alward-Bury, after their excellent presentation on the

Eagles Nest Arts Center in Salem.



Happy birthday wishes to:
April 3 - Don Pomeroy
April 8 - Pam Caranci
April 18 - Charlie Marra

My mother always used to say, “The older you get, the better you get. Unless you’re a banana.” — Betty White



March 2023 - Club News

Mar-27 Meeting

Speaker Lion Myles Cohen presented with thank you pen for his excellent presentation on Recycling by Lion Sammy Alward-Bury, Speaker Coordinator.

Lion Myles Cohen presents on Recycling.


Lion Ensley Feemster (Clemson LC), Zone 7 Chair, presents 15 year pin to Lion Ernie Mayberry.

March 22 - Rosa Clark Vision Screening

The Salem Lions conducted a vision screening on March 22 at the Rosa Clark Medical Clinic checking 34 clients and referring 16 of them for further evaluation and approval for purchasing glasses.

Pictured here testing vision for a client are Craig and Cindy Schuman being assisted by Angel Kelley, LPN, the Nurse Manager at Rosa Clark.


March 11 - Litter Patrol

We had a very successful effort this morning cleaning up 3 miles of Hwy 130 heading into Salem..  It was a little cool when we started, but quickly warmed up.  We collected 30 bags of trash and then ate enough cholesterol at Sister's for the next 3 months.  Thanks to all those who were able to come out this morning and  try to clean up some of the wine bottles and beer cans...Lion Don Pomeroy


March 6 - Annual Charity BBQ Dinner


Greeter's Lions Don Pomeroy & Wally Ewalt.  Lions Carl & Cathy Halvorsen at will call.

Raffle ticket crew Lions Cindy & Craig Schuman and Mike & Pam Caranci.

Lions Edna Melamed, JJ Miller & Mike Steffen selling raffle tickets to customers.

Lions Jan Espie-Steffen & Sammy Alward Bury.  Chellye Pomeroy with Lion Bekah Brewer at the dinner ticket taker stand.

Dinner runners - Lions Bob Birchmore,          Distributing cookies - Lion Dan Treffert &

John Gerhart, & Charlie Marra.                         wife, Jackie.

Salem Lion Club member Sammy Bury presented a donation of $500 for the Tunnel to Towers Foundation to Tom Kurman.  Jeff Brown and Tom performed at the Salem Lions Annual BBQ dinner that was held at the Keowee Key Club Monday, March 6.  They put on a great performance!




Happy birthday wishes to:

Cecil Dale - March 12
Geno Bury - March 26
Don Gallian - March 28
George Taylor - March 29

“I have reached an age when, if someone tells me to wear socks, I don’t have to.” Albert Einstein


February 2023 - Club News

Feb-27 Meeting

Patsy Lowery, Personal Trainer at the FRC, with President Ted Brewer, spoke about her history at the FRC and how a personal trainer could be of benefit.

Lions Carl Halvorsen, Stephen Hill, Edna Melamed, and Ted Brewer with food they donated to the February District 32 Food Drive.

Lion Bekah Brewer delivers food donation to Our Daily Bread volunteer, Jan.

Feb-13 Meeting

Lion Joyce Nichols, also President of Ride to Work Ministry, made an excellent presentation on the operation of Ride to Work.


Salem Lions gather around the food donations they made for the District 32 Food Drive.


Our Daily Bread volunteers accept the Salem Lions food donation that Lion Carolyn Maddox delivered.



Happy Birthday wishes to:

February 21 - Mike Steffan

February 22 - Mike Caranci

"If someone refers to your 'many years', you can just tell them you're now a classic, and classics are priceless.' Catherine Pulsifer
Happy Anniversary wishes to:
February 2 - Ted and Bekah Brewer (39 years)
February 23 - Rocky and Cathy Pentino (16 years)
February 28 - Jeff and  Wolfe (36 years)
Marriage lets you annoy one special person for the rest of your life.๐Ÿ˜‰
We said goodbye to Jeff and Pat Wolfe.  We will miss them but wish them well in the new chapter of their lives.


January 2023 - Club News


Meeting - January 23rd

Jeff Wolfe - Farewell

Lion Jeff Wolfe, with wife Pat, is moving to Tennessee after 22+ years in the Salem Lions where he has served in most office positions from President to Membership Chair.  He served for many years as the Holiday Sale Chair.  Additionally, he represented the Salem Lions well at the district level and served as a Zone Chair.  The Salem Lions bid he and Pat farewell.  We wished them all the best, but Jeff's experience, knowledge, and expertise will be sorely missed.

Spot Camera Demonstration

Vision Chair, Lion Craig Schuman, demonstrates the Spot Camera on Lion Bekah Brewer and reads the report off the LCD screen.

Membership Awards

Lions, Carl Halvorsen and Edna Melamed, receive Membership Advancement Key and Membership Key, respectively, from President Ted Brewer. Congratulations were expressed for demonstrating active commitment to the growth and strength of Lionism.

Meeting - January 9th

Speaker Coordinator, Lion Sammy Alward-Bury, presents donation to Daniel Hochsteller, speaker and Executive Director of Fair Play Camp School, as his associate, Steve Martin looks on.


CARE CORNER for January 2023

Happy Birthday wishes to:
1/6 John Ishler
1/8 Bob Birchmore
1/15 Frank Forbes
1/18 Freda Tobias
“All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.” –George Harrison

Happy Anniversary wishes to:
1/4/11 Don & Lynne Gallian
1/9/71 Craig & Cindy Schuman
1/23/71 Ron & Karen Sliwa
“For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It is a person. And we are finally home.” -Stephanie Perkins
Sammy Bury’s mother passed away on New Year’s Day.  Here's a link to her obituary:




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