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March 2020 - Club News


Meeting - Feb 24

Speaker, J.R. Steely (right) of Duke Energy, with Lion Jeff Wolfe.


Meeting - Feb 10

Speaker, Lynn Towe, Salem Mayor                                         Lynn with wife Vicki

President, Don Gallian, receives Certificate of Appreciation for the Salem Lions from the Town of Salem from Mayor Towe.


New Member Initiated

Past President Ted Brewer and sponsor Mike Caranci flank Salem Lions new member, Pam Levesque.


Rosa Clark Vision Screening - Feb 3

Lions Edna Melamed, George Blanchard, Cynthia & Craig Schuman & Ken Luce


Lion Lynne Gallian
The following Lion's are celebrating this month, so wish them the best! 
Ray Bramble, 3-22
Don Gallian, 3-28
George Taylor, 3-29 
"Let us never know what old age is.  Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years."  Ausonius
There are no anniversaries this month, but that doesn't mean I won't leave you with a thought provoking quote:
"Love is blind - marriage is the eye opener."  Pauline Thomason


February 2020 - Club News



Lion Carl Halvorsen                                                 Lion Ken Luce

Lion Cathy Halvorsen



The Rocky Bottom Directors have requested help to make some improvements in the conference center bedrooms.


Lion Lynne Gallian
The following Lion's are celebrating this month, so wish them the best!  
Diane Taylor, 2-4
Mike Steffen, 2-21
Mike Caranci, 2-22
"You know you're getting old when the candles cost more than the cake."- Bob Hope
The following Lion's are celebrating an anniversary this month:
Ted/Bekah Brewer, 2-2-84
Jeff/Pat Wolfe, 2-28-87
"They told me that to make her fall in love with me I had to make her laugh.  But every time she laughs, I'm the one who falls in love." - Unknown
For the month of January, there were no illnesses reported!  Yay!  We are starting the year off right!


January 2020 - Club News


Salvation Army Bell Ringing - Dec 11 & 17

Lions Ted & Bekah Brewer                                              Lion Lynn Hudgins

Lion Cynthia Schuman                                                         Lion Craig Schuman


Salem Lions Christmas Program w/ Madrigal Singers - Dec 9


Holiday Sale - Dec 5 & 6


Bingo - Dec 1

Bingo grand prize winner Judy O'Keefe.


Salem Christmas Parade - Dec 1

Lion Lynne Gallian
The following Lion's are celebrating this month, so wish them the best!  
Bob Birchmore, 1-9
Frank Forbes, 1-15
"Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been."  David Bowie
The following Lion's are celebrating an anniversary this month:
Don/Lynne Gallian, 1-4
Craig/Cindy Shuman, 1-9
Ron/Karen Sliwa, 1-23-71  (Almost there!)
"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives your courage."  Unknown
And... Get well cards were sent last month to Bekah Brewer, Diane Taylor, Don Taylor and Ernie Mayberry.  May January be a healthier month for us all!  There were a lot of colds, sore throats, and coughs going around! 

December 2019 - Club News


Meeting - Nov 11

Speaker Catherine Neal, on Guardian Ad Litem, with Pres. Don Gallian.

Recognition of Service Awards:  Lions  Ted Brewer (5 yrs), John Gerhart (5 yrs), Frank Forbes (25 yrs), Bekah Brewer (5 yrs), & Lynne Gallian (5 yrs).


Litter Patrol - Nov 9

November 2019 - Club News

Candy Days at Walmart - Oct 25 & 26

New Members, Cynthia & Craig Schuman (left) and Jan Espie-Steffen (right).

Lion Mike Duciewicz showing a "Lincoln".


Clemson Free Clinic Oct 24th

New members, Lions Edna Melamed & Jan Espie-Steffen, assist Lions Bramble & Luce.


Meeting Oct 14th

Steve Fingers (left) & Joyce Nichols present on the Ride to Work Ministry.

Bingo Oct 6th

Lion Mike Caranci transport attendees of the Blind Conference at Rocky Bottom Retreat & Conference Center for the Blind.



Lion Jerry Slavik(left) receives Certificate of Appreciation for continued contributions to the Golf Tourny committee from Lion Mike Caranci.

Lion Lynne Gallian
The following Lion is celebrating this month, so wish them the best!  
Lynn (without the E) Hudgins, 11-13
"The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all those other ages you've been."
We have three members celebrating anniversaries this month...Two members to each other!
George/Judy Blanchard, 11-2-63
Mike/Jan Steffen, 11-26-10
"It is so great to find that SPECIAL PERSON you want to annoy for the rest of your life." - Rita Rudner
And... A get well card sent last month to Ray Bramble for hand surgery.  And a sympathy card was sent to Carl and Cathy Halvorsen on the passing of her dad at the end of October.  I heard from Sue Harris that she is settling in nicely and getting involved in service groups in her area.  She sends a shout out to her Lion friends.
Remember:  I ran across this quote which seems perfect for our Lions Motto "We serve".  "Be a beautiful cupcake in a world full of muffins."


Introducing Rocky Bottom handyman - Dave Loper

 Handyman Dave Loper working on subfloor repairs at the conference center.


New Member Introduction

Name:  ___Edna Melamed______________________________________________________

Place of Origin:  ___New Jersey_________________________________________________

Places you have lived prior to Oconee County:

____Only NewJersey__________________________________________________________

Primary occupations (before retirement):

____Registered  Nurse,  mostly as a school nurse/teacher___________________________

Other family members:

____Son Aron in Anderson, grandson Eric in Greenville, two married daughters Sharon_ and Audrey in New Jersey______________________________________________________

Other Interests:

____Garden Club_____________________________________________________________


October 2019 - Club News

Meeting - Sep 23

Salem Lions listen to speaker Erica Powell - Paralympic Athlete.


Erica Powell named Honorary Salem Lion with President Don Gallian.


Erica presented check for continued support from Treasurer Carl Halvorsen.

Speaker:  Erica Powell - Paralympic Athlete

The meet was awesome! I ran a personal record in my 100m (13.74 sec)! This time puts me at 2nd in the US and 12th in the world rankings! Having the opportunity to compete alongside other world class athletes at the Olympic Training Center was such an honor, and I am so grateful that you all helped me get there.

I have not heard anything from Team USA yet regarding making the team for worlds (the next big race on their calendar), however they seemed very interested in having me back at the Olympic Training Center to race again next month which is pretty exciting. 

Erica before race video                      Erica after race video


Lion Lynne Gallian
The following Lion's are celebrating birthdays this month, so wish them the best!  
Jeff Wolfe
"A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams." -John Barrymore
Anniversaries this month:
Mike and Diane Duciewicz, 38 years
Dave and Ginney Paulus, 55 years
"As you wish..." - from the Princess Bride movie
Another quote I came across..."Some days you are the Pigeon, and some days you are the Statue."  Let's always remember that things can either be better, or worse...


September 2019 - Club News

Meeting - Aug 26

 Board of Directors – 2019-20

(Pictured L-R) Ted Brewer, Ken Luce, Ernie Mayberry, Carl Halvorsen, Carolyn Maddox, Jeff Wolfe, Chairman Don Gallian, Mike Duciewicz, Lynne Gallian, John Gerhart, and George Blanchard.  (Not pictured Ron Sliwa).


Franklin D Mason Fellows Bramble, Mayberry, and Halvorsen welcome new Fellow John Gerhart.


Golf Committee Chairman Mike Caranci presenting Appreciation Certificate to Ed Nichols for his continued support of the annual golf tournament.


Rocky Bottom Repairs - Aug 10

Immediate Past President, Ted Brewer working to seal out water.

Lions Halvorsen & Steffen delivery new frig.          Lion Halvorsen sealing out the water.


Schools Supplies Collected - Aug 4

Salem Lions collected these supplies at Bingo Aug-4.  Lion Halvorsen delivered them to "Heath's Haven" a program of the United Way of Oconee County.  They will be distributed at the Schaffer center on August 13th.


Lion Lynne Gallian
This month was a busy month for birthdays and anniversaries.  Please wish the following people the best for their special occasions.  Appropriate cards have been sent on behalf of the club.
September Birthdays
Mike Duciewiz
Ted Brewer
George Blanchard
Dave Paulus
Jerry Slavik
"The best mirror is an old friend." - unknown
Anniversary Celebrations
Ray and Pam Bramble, 9-11-76
Jerry and Sharon Slavik, 9-22-95
Mike and Sherry Caranci, 9-26-87
Eliot and Elaine Smith, 9-30-89
"We are all a little weird.  And life is a little weird.  And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness - and call it love - true love."- Robert Fulghum
Other:  Cards were sent to Eliot Smith, who is at the Veterans Home in Anderson, Bob Birchmore, and Jerry and Sharon Slavik.


August 2019 - Club News

State Senator Thomas Alexander Installs Officers : July 22nd

The Lions Pictured Here Will be Serving on the 2019-20 Board of Directors

Left-to-right:  Ernie Mayberry (Lion Tamer), Lynne Gallian (Director), Don Pomeroy (Director), Ron Sliwa (2nd VP), Mike Duciewicz (Secretary), Carl Halvorsen (Secretary), Ted Brewer (Past President), and Don Gallian (President).  Not present Ken Luce (1st VP), George Blanchard (Tail Twister), Jeff Wolf (Club Service Chairperson), John Gerhart (Director) and Carolyn Maddox (Director).

Senator Alexander presents new President      Past President presented Plaque of

Don Gallian his gavel of office.                            Appreciation by new President.


Lion Lynn Hudgins (2nd fr rt) is Being Inducted Into the Melvin Jones Fellows for His Outstanding Service to the Salem Lions as former Melvin Jones Fellows Ernie Mayberry (lft), Ray Bramble and Senator Alexander observe.

Board Members Don Pomeroy, Ron Sliwa, Carl Halvorsen, Lynne Gallian, and Don Gallian Recognized for Dedicated Service to Salem Lions Club

Rookie of the Year - Lion Duciewicz                          Senator Alexander recognized for                                                                                                       continued support of Salem Lions Club

Lion Mayberry recognized for contributions to website.


Litter Patrol - July 13

A big thank you to the 14 Lions members who participated in our litter patrol this morning.  It was a very warm and muggy morning, so we are glad that you all could help us clean Rte. 130.

We collected 25 bags of garbage and that will be picked up by the County litter people this week.
Ray and Don



Lynne Gallian

The following Lion's are celebrating this month, so wish them the best!  
Carl Halvorsen, 8-12
Bekah Brewer, 8-14
"Don't worry about getting older.  You are still gonna do dumb stuff, only slower."  - unknown
The following Lion's are celebrating an anniversary this month.  Congratulations!
Ken and Donna Luce, 8-20-88, 31 years!
Lynn and Linda Higgins, 8-28-64, 53 years!
"If I had my life to live over again, I would find you sooner so that I could love you longer."  -unknown
Other updates:  Lion Elliot Smith is currently at the VA Care Facility in Anderson.  I sent a note to all Lions stating that he would love to have visitors.  It would be nice if you are going, to contact Elaine at 944-6762 so she can schedule her visits around yours.



July 2019 - Club News


Salem Lions Mayberry, Halvorsen, Duciewicz, Steffen, and Brewer ventured up to Rocky Bottom Tuesday, June 25th to continue working on three projects.  The ceiling in the chapel needed to have acoustical tiles replaced due to water leaks when the roof was damaged in the winter storm.  Also the pool needed cleaning, and the computers in the media center needed upgrading to access the internet. 


Lions Brewer & Duciewicz (Lion Halvorsen on camera)       Lion Steffen cleans pool.

install new ceiling tiles.                                                                                                                                               


Lion Mayberry installs WiFi cards on computers.         Lion Steffen repairs handrail.


CARE CORNER - Lion Lynne Gallian

The following Lion's are celebrating this month, so wish them the best!  
Cathy Halvorsen, 7-4
Ron Sliwa, 7-13
Lynne Gallian, 7-21
"When grace is joined with wrinkles, it is adorable.  There is an unspeakable dawn in happy old age." - Victor Hugo
The following Lion's are celebrating an anniversary this month.  Congratulations!
Don and Diane Taylor, 7-22
"Love recognizes no barriers.  It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, climbs walls to arrive at its destination full of hope."  - Maya Angelou


June 2019 - Club News

Lions Meeting - May 13

Lyle Jacks and Linda Miller spoke to SLC in May about health care coordination.

Lion Wolfe presents Centennial Award to Lion Gallian for sponsoring Diane Taylor.



Computer for Kids Recycle - May 13

Here is the recycle load taken from the C4K lab on May 13 to sell in Georgia.  The material weighed 5,000 pounds and sold for $721.  This material was removed from donor computers primarily by Lions Duciewicz, Carinci, and Halvorsen.  Great job guys!!! 

Here’s the final load of valuable recycle material that was loaded into Lion Caranci’s trailer by Lions Mike C, Mike D, and Carl H.  Mike C will take this load to Florida for a better price.



Lions Golf Tournament - May 15

The 28th Annual Lions Charity Golf Tournament was held at Chickasaw Point GC on May 15.  After months of preparation the golf committee composed of Chairman Mike Caranci, Jerry Slavik, Dave James, George Blanchard, Mike Duciewicz, Lynn Hudgins, Ron Sliwa, Ed Nichols, Bob Birchmore, and Ted Brewer saw their efforts pay off with over $10,000 profit.  Thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers who made it such a success.

Lions Don and Lynne Gallian registered golfers while Lynn Hudgins conducted the raffle ticket sales with the help of Carl and Cathy Halvorsen and George Blanchard.

Golfers read to go.                                                 Golf Pro Luke gives the tourny rules.

These Ladies got the Memo!

First place flight winners!                                             Second place flight winners!

Closest to the pin winners!                                       Golfers enjoying a steak dinner

  Lynn can finally relax with a job well done!



Upstate Lions Blind Fishing Tournament - May 17

The 16th annual Lions Blind Fishing Tournament kicked off on May 17th with a gathering of contestants at the Rocky Bottom Camp hosted by the Easley Lions Club.  Then on Saturday morning May 18th under the direction of Phil Marett and Jeff Wolfe, Lions from Anderson, Clemson, Easley, Inman, Mauldin and Salem joined efforts with the Keowee Anglers Club to take these adult VISION IMPAIRED PEOPLE fishing on Lake Keowee. 

With perfect weather, a great morning on the lake was had by all twelve fishermen.  Two additional VIPs fished off of the dock at High Falls Park. An all the fixins hot dog lunch was provided for all followed the fishing event.  Lion Eddie Moncrief and the winners for the most fish and longest fish qualified to participate in the International Blind Fishing Tournament held annually in September at Kill Devil Hills on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Capt. Bob Birchmore ready to embark;  Lion Wolfe receives returning fishermen.

Lion David James ready to launch;                 Lion Carolyn Maddox serving the group.


Rocky Bottom Computers & Vision Assist Machines - May 21

Lions Mayberry, Halvorsen, and Brewer took some computers and vision assist machines to Rocky Bottom on May 21st and set them up in the media center for Linda Bible. 


Lions Meeting - May 27

Ivan Kershner spoke to SLC about restoration of paintings.



Lions Potluck Dinner - May 29

Lion Lynne hosted a delicious potluck dinner at the lake on 5/29.




Lion Lynne Gallian

The following Lion's are celebrating this month, so wish them the best! 
Sherry Caranci, 6-1
Eliot Smith, 6-11
Bruce Hamilton, 6-26
"Those who love deeply never grow old;  they may die of old age, but they die young."- Ben Franklin
The following Lions are celebrating their anniversaries this month!
Don and Lynne Gallian, 6-5-11
Bruce and Bea Hamilton, 6-7-69
George and Mary Taylor, 6-16-56 
Carl and Cathy Halvorsen, 6-21-75
"I don't want anyone else to have your heart, kiss your lips, or be in your arms because that's only my place."- Unknown
And... Eliot Smith is home and would love to have visitors.  Please call first!  Thanks to all of you who could come to the Picnic.  It was a great day and great fun.  Thanks for all your wonderful dishes!  We sure are a fun group!


May 2019 - Club News

State Conference on April 13

Salem Lions Wolfe, Sliwa, Luce, and Brewer attended the State Conference on April 13 in Greenville.  While there they were able to solicit support for the Rocky Bottom Retreat and Conference Center of the Blind and present information about a new opportunity to get involved in a Tree Planting Project.   Over 250 Lions from across the state attended the annual awards luncheon shown here.

Salem Lions Jeff Wolfe and Ron Sliwa (right) at the state conference.

Some of the 250 South Carolina Lions attending the Awards Luncheon.



Lion Lynne Gallian


The following Lions are celebrating this month, so wish them the best:  

Carolyn Maddox, 5-11

Don Taylor, 5-16

"If I dropped something when I was younger, I just picked it up.  Now that I am older and I drop something, I look around to see what else I need to pick up while I'm down there."

Celebrating their wedding anniversary is:

Don and Chellye Pomeroy on 5-16-81

"Marriage is the relationship in which one person is always right, and the other person is the husband"

And... Many of our members have visited both Gene Melamed and Eliot Smith at Manna Rehab in Pickens.  These visits are so appreciated by them.  Please continue to visit, send cards or call to keep their spirits up.  Update 5/4:  Our beloved fellow Lion, Gene, is in hospice care at Cottingham.  He is not receiving visitors at this time.  Our thoughts and prayers go to Gene, Edna, and the rest of the family.



May 2019 - Lion of the Month - Carolyn Maddox

How Long a Lion? 8 Years

Offices Held:  Board of Directors, Host of Club Meetings

Born & Resided: New York State

Primary Occupation: Dietician

Family:  One daughter and two grandchildren

Other Interests: Knitting, sewing, working at soup kitchen, DAR



March 2019 - Club News


After months of planning, thanks to the leadership of Lion Jeff Wolfe, a health fair was conducted at the Salem Community Center on March 5th. Fifteen Salem Lions and five volunteers from the town of Salem were there to host the event.

Participating also were twelve student nurses from the Clemson School of Nursing and their Instructor Kristen Massa. They had stations for testing blood pressure, BMI, and blood sugar and for reading food labels. Also counseling was offered on ways to stop smoking and teen vaping.

Among other participants were Michelle Stancil, GHS Director of diabetes awareness, the Sullivan Health Center, and the Clemson University Community Outreach program.

The Lions Vision Team tested vision and ocular pressure for 44 people. They also offered to purchase glasses for those in need of support.

Two nurses from ANMED Hospital who are local residents offered a list of doctors in the area that are taking new patients.

A total of 58 people went through the different stations so it was well worth the effort since the knowledge and awareness of the community was improved.               

“Salem Lions Serve”



Mar 11, 2019 - Lions BBQ at The Club


Thanks to the leadership of Chairman John Gerhart, the BBQ was very successful again this year. Below is his report on the event 3/11:

Dinners Served: 366, 165 take out
Revenue: $3,126, sold more than 1000 raffle tickets at the dinner

Serving lines went smoothly; desserts brought up to the Bistro

Only received one complaint about the meal, the portion size all evening. Feedback welcome.

Thank you to Cathy and Carl Halvorsen, Ted Brewer, Mike Duciewicz, Mike Caranci, Don Pomeroy, George Blanchard, Lynne and Don Gallian, David James, Elliot Smith, Bob Birchmore, Ernie Mayberry, Diane and Don Taylor, Ray Bramble and Jeff Wolfe for all their hard work in making the evening a success.

SPECIAL thanks to Lynn Hudgins, Ron Sliwa, and Carolyn Maddox, Great Job !!


March 2019 - Lion of the Month - Jerry Slavik

How Long a Lion? 16 Years
Offices Held: Golf Committee Chair, Host of Bingo
Born & Resided: Milwaukee, WI
Primary Occupation: Manager and systems support for Sears
Family: Wife Sharon, three children and seven grandchildren
Other Interests: Golf, pool, darts, cards, volunteer at Golden Corner food pantry and St Francis & St Paul Churches


Feb 2019 - Valentines Meeting


Feb 2019 - Lion of the Month - Dee Brosnan

How Long a Lion? 17 Years
Offices Held: Vice Pres, President
Born & Resided: Atlanta & Greenville
Primary Occupation: Sales & marketing
Family: Wife Jane, daughters Sarah & Susan, three grandchildren,
Other Interests: Reading, walking, enjoying the lake


Jan 2019 - Club News


The storm that hit our area on 12/10 knocked down several trees and damaged several structures at Rocky Bottom. One large pine tree fell across the roof of the chapel and left holes that were repaired until the roof can be replaced.

More work has been done in January and an appeal has been made for help, both financially and physically, to other clubs in the upstate area. The Salem Lions Club has accepted the responsibility to coordinate and supervise the work that is being done.

Carl clears debris from deck as Cathy cleans up some downed limbs.

Carl makes firewood from downed trees and Linda, Ted, & Mike help stack the wood.

On January 15, some of the Lions went to Salem to pick up computers and monitors that were donated to the C4K program from the high school building.


Jan 2019 - Lion of the Month - Gene Melamed

How Long a Lion? 19 Years
Offices Held: Vice Pres, Tail Twister
Born & Resided: New Jersey
Primary Occupation: Orthodontic Technician
Family: Wife Edna, daughters Shaon & Audrey, son Aron
Other Interests: Shooting sports, photography, history


Dec 2018 - Club News of Note

Salem Lions and Volunteers,
    What a great day we had today, no rain, mild temperatures and a truck filled with recycle materials. Our net weight of our material was 6,625 pounds and we received a check for $1,686.48.
I thought I would go over early this morning to open the building and get things ready. Got that at 8:30 am and there were already five people there staging the material.
    I want to thank Ed Nichols, Jan and Ken Klein, Dee Brosnan, Mike Caranci and Mike Duciewicz, Carl Halverson, Ernie Mayberry, Ken Luce, Ted Brewer and our two great Habitat volunteers, Ken and Larry. Ken and Larry not only stacked the over 3 ton of materials in the truck by themselves, but also unloaded all of that at the recycle plant.
    Plus, it is always good to see Ed Nichols again, even when he is having a few medical issues.
In the attached picture, you can see Ken, with maybe just a little theatrical antics, being exhausted after loading the truck.
    Thanks again to everyone for all of their help,


    The storm that hit our area on 12/10 knocked down several trees and damaged several structures at Rocky Bottom. One large pine tree fell across the roof of the chapel and left holes that need to be repaired.
    Lions Gallian, Steffen, Halvorsen and Brewer went there 12/14 to assess the damage and see how we could help. After being told there was no insurance to cover the damage, the Lions arranged for a tree service to remove the tree and cut down additional trees that were a threat to fall later. The tree men also cut up the downed trees into manageable pieces and covered the holes in the roof with tarps.
    Carl and Cathy Halvorsen went there 12/26 to supervise the tree cutting and went back 12/29 with Don Pomeroy to help property manager Linda Bible do some clean up after the tree service finished. Carl took his log splitter and split a lot of hardwood logs for Linda to use as firewood. (more pictures in next newsletter)
    More work has been done this week which will be covered in the February Newsletter, and there is still much to do at Rocky Bottom.

Dec 2018 - Lion of the Month - Bob Birchmore


Nov 2018 - Club News of Note

This past August Salem Lions treasurer Carl Halvorsen wrote and submitted a grant request for $5,000 from Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney’s ALL IN TEAM Foundation. He was informed in October that Salem Lions had been awarded the grant. In fiscal year 2017 we helped 115 needy individuals with eye exams and eyewear at a cost of $18,000. In fiscal year 2018 we helped 62 at a cost of $10,000. The grant will cover 33 of the many needy individuals from our vision services program this year. Pictured here are Coach Swinney and Lion Carl at the annual Grant Luncheon held on November 7th at Clemson.


The annual Holiday Sale was a big success again this year. Final results are not in yet but look good under the direction of Sue Harris, Ernie Mayberry and Carl and Cathy Halvorsen. Below is the 11/29 crew.


Lion Jeff and Phil Marett at District meeting         Jeff’s van loaded with some of the 600+                                                                                                         pairs of shoes collected for hurricane victims


Nov 2018 - Lion of the Month - John Harris


Oct 2018 - Club News of Note

Lion Jeff Wolfe was presented the VIP AMBASSADOR AWARD at the Blind Fishing Tournament for 10 years of service. Well deserved Jeff for your dedication to this event.


Since the beginning of FY 2017 the Salem Lions have contributed $25,434 to improve the vision of 177 citizens in our area. Pictured here are some members of the team helping patients at the Rosa Clark Clinic.


Lion Carolyn Maddox (right) presented our annual SLC donation of $2,000 to Lori Bailey of the DAR school on 10/22.  Carolyn also recently purchased a new golf cart for the school. Fantastic!!!


October Litter Patrol crew.

Oct 2018 - Lion of the Month - Ray Bramble


Sep 2018

Computers 4 Kids Awarded Grant
Due to the efforts of Senator Thomas Alexander and Charter Communications, the C4K program was given a $5,000 grant to help provide children with a home computer. Tamassee Salem Elementary hosted the grant presentation on September 18 as part of a community meeting. School parents were given information about internet services available through Charter and wise use of the internet.

Pictured here along with Salem Lions are Senator Alexander, Ray Sharpe of the South Carolina Cable Television Association, and Ben Breazeale from Charter.


Lions Birchmore (lft) and Doyle (rt) receive Club Service Certificates.


Lions Mike Caranci and Mike Duciewicz recycle computers at the C4K workshop.


Some of the audience attending The Nerd presented at the Oconee County Theater and sponsored by the Salem Lions.


Sep 2018 - Lion of the Month - George Blanchard


Aug 2018 - BINGO

Lion Jerry Slavik calls the numbers.                       Lion Carl Halvorsen a familiar jackpot winner!


BINGO TEAM:  Lions Gerhart, Caranci, Halvorsen, James, Slavik, Brewer, Blanchard, Pomeroy, Sliwa, and Hudgins.


Aug 2018 - Lion of the Month - Mike Duciewicz


Jul 2018 - Lion of the Month - Mike Steffen


June Meeting - Installation of Officers

PDG Lanny Balentine presented awards and installed officers.


2018-2019 Officers and Directors (rt. to lft. Lions Ted Brewer, Don Gallian, John Gerhart, Carl Halvorsen, Don Pomeroy, Ron Sliwa, Lynne Gallian, George Blanchard, David James, & Jeff Wolfe)


New Melvin Jones Fellow, Ernie Mayberry, joins other Salem Lions Melvin Jones Fellows, from left - Lions Dee Brosnan, Gene Melamed, Jeff Wolfe, Ray Bramble, and George Blanchard.


Lion Carl Halvorsen receives Franklin Mason Fellowship for leading Salem in support of South Carolina Vision Services.


Lions Halvorsen, Brewer and James presented Sustaining Membership pins.  Lions Carolyn Maddox and George Taylor were not present to receive their pins.


Lions receiving Service Awards, standing from left - Cathy Halvorsen, Frank Forbes, Ron Sliwa, Mike Caranci, Don Pomeroy, Don Taylor, Diane Taylor, down in front - Sherry Caranci and Eliot Smith.


LION of the YEAR - Carl Halvorsen


Ed Nichols Retires after 12 yrs


June New Members

Mike Duciewicz (rt.)                   Cathy Halvorsen                      Mike Steffen (left)


Jun 2018 - Lion of the Month - Lynn Hudgins


May 28 - Meeting

Bikers Against Child Abuse:  Stretch & Wobbles with Lion Dave Paulus.


May 12 - Litter Patrol


May 9 - 27th Annual Golf Tournament


May 2018 - Lion of the Month - Ron Sliwa





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