Committee Chairs

Roadside Cleanup –

Chair: Tim Cashman

Christmas Sharing Families Program

Byron L Dopkins & Dan Murray

Pancake Breakfast –

Chairs: Elaine Baker & Vince Seidling

Travel Party –

Chair: Todd Frisch

RF Relay for Life Breakfast -

Chair: Michael Stifter

Easter Egg Hunt –

Chair: Rose Rude

River Falls Days –

Chairs: Todd Schultz and Michael Page

Camp Needlepoint/Diabetes Awareness -

Chairs: Dr. Bob Johnson & David Gregg

Eyeglasses/Cell Phone Donations

Michael Stifter (cell phones)

Open (eye glasses)

New Member Greeting/Orientation

Chairs: Michael Stifter

Recognition Banquet -

Chairs: Peter Stern and Mary Beth Williams

Lions Mints

Chairs: Tom Carroll

Annual Audit

Byron L. Dopkins, Mark Sams

Club Promotion/Publicity

Tom Carroll

Meeting Speakers

John Lisowski


Todd Schultz


Mike Miller, Rose Rude and Ryan Leitch

Calendar Raffle

Warren Kozitza, Mark Sams

MLK Breakfast -

Mike Stifter

International Youth Exchange


Eye Tissue Transport

Dan Murray

School Eye Check

Elaine Baker, Bob Johnson and Tom Rasmussen

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