Past District Governors

Wisconsin District 27 was started in 1918. Through the years as the District grew in Clubs and membership, District 27 was split in a multiple district. District 27-E was started in 1950 and this was further split into Districts 27-E1 and 27-E2 in 1980.

The following names are Past District Governors from 27-E (1950-1980) an 27-E2 (1980-current) from the River Falls Club.


James Foster 1965-66
Bill Sperling 1981-82
Rod Rommel 2007-08

Past International Director

The River Falls Lions Club is proud to have had James D. Foster serve as an International Director. The following biography is from the Lions Club International website.

James D. Foster, of River Falls, Wisconsin, USA, served a two-year term as a director of The International Association of Lions Clubs after his election at the association's 51st annual convention held in Dallas, Texas, USA, June 1968. Past Director Foster is retired from the furniture business. He has served actively in the community as director of the chamber of commerce, a member of the board of directors of the United Fund, and on the official board of his church.

Past Director Foster has served in all club and district offices. He was a club president, 100% district governor, deputy district governor, council treasurer, and has chaired many cabinet committees. In recognition of his service, he has received three Extension awards, the Master Key Award, several district governor appreciation awards, the River Falls Lion of the Year Award in 1973, six International President's awards, the Wisconsin Lions Foundation Birch-Sturm Fellowship and the Ambassador of Good Will Award, the highest honor the association awards its members. Past Director Foster is also a Melvin Jones Fellow.

He and his wife, Mercedes, have three sons, Jim, Mike and Tim, seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Past Presidents


Behlmer Carisch 1937-38
Lawrence Dawson 1939-40
Ira Wilcox 1940-41
Solon McCollow 1941-42
Elmer Benson 1942-43
Warren Oligney 1943-44
Roy Spriggs 1944-45
Leonard Johnson 1945-46
Otto Kulstad 1946-47
Osmir Wilkins 1947-48
Neal McKenzie 1948-49
George Kind 1949-50
Ben Kettelkamp 1950-51
Gene Brown 1951-52
Jim McLaughlin 1952-53
Carroll Gaalaas 1953-54
Larry Peterson 1954-55
Bill Barr 1955-56
Jack Davison 1956-57
Alan Stewart 1957-58
Sidd Brandt 1958-59
John Merner 1959-60
Cliff Evenson 1960-61
Ronald Laymon 1961-62
Jim Foster 1962-63
Ben Bergsrud 1963-64
Chuck Sorenson 1964-65
Robert Brock 1965-66
Homer Krengel 1966-67
Cletus Henriksen 1967-68
Don Larson 1968-69
Jerry Emholtz 1969-70
Dick Ritziner 1970-71
Don Aabel 1971-72
Bill Sperling 1972-73
Bernie Abrahamson 1973-74
AJ Halverson 1974-75
Dave Reetz 1975-76
Gary Northrup 1976-77
Al Barnes 1977-78
Don Page 1978-79
Mel Germanson 1979-80
Bob Accola 1980-81
Pete Seguin 1981-82
Roger Horness 1982-83
Ken Moore 1983-84
Larry Testa 1984-85
Gregg White 1985-86
Tom Halada 1986-87
Tim Cashman 1987-88
Mark Ritzinger 1988-89
Galen Berry 1989-90
Jerry Klahn 1990-91
Herb Hoeffer
Byron Dopkins, Jr 1991-92
Nate Jackson 1992-93
Byron Dopkins, Sr 1993-94
Sheila Peterson 1994-95
Jim Dollahon 1995-96
Fletcher Baker 1996-97
Gerald Ehlers 1997-98
Bob Casey 1998-99
Todd Frisch 1999-00
Rod Rommel 2000-01
John O’Boyle 2001-02
Bill Sazama 2002-03
David Brassfield 2003-04
Michael Stifter 2004-05
Jim Williamson 2005-06
Mary Beth Williams 2006-07
Maryls Mueller 2007-08
Dan Murray 2008-09
Warren Kozitza 2009-10
Mark Kornmann 2010-11
Nick Carstens


Tom Carrol 2012-13

Vince Siedling

Elaine Baker


Daniel Vande Yaht 2015-16
Michael Page 2016-17
Ryan Leitch 2017-18
Michelle Rinehart 2018-19
Todd Schultz 2019-20


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