1st PRESIDENT: Roland 0. Bills

1st SECRETARY: Wallace M. Knight

1st TREASURER: Wallace M. Knight

ORGANIZED WITH: 30 Charter Members


Riverdale Lions Club Charter Members

May, 1954 

1. G. Edwin Anderson     16. Douglas H. Kershaw

2. H. Beecher                   17. Wallace M. Knight

3. Lloyd Berrett               18. Koichi Koike

4. R. O. Bills                    19. Owen G. Losee

5. Donald S. Bingham     20. G. A. Nebeker

6. A. E, Brown                 21. Ed L. Porter

7. Alexander Carlson      22. C. W. Rapp

8. Burton C. Caraham     23. Stanley Roessler

9. Rosco Child                24. Ralph Russo

10. Hal G. Davis              25. Lester C. Sant

11. Henry Dee                 26. Fermin D. Santos

12. W. Chet Fronk          27. H. Nuell Sparrow

13. J. Paul Gale              28. D. H. Stimpson

14. Wayne Garfield        29. Thurman Tubbs

15. A. C. Johnson          30. Elwyn S. Walker






Sponsored a Christmas Party for Ladies Night. Gave small "Puppy Dog" to a little boy who is blind. Formed a committee to select the proper sites for the construction of three "Lion Road Signs". Sponsored a Radio Program organized by Lions Henry Dee and Ferrnin Santos; Station KOPP, Ogden, Utah. Lion Nebeker presented a film to the students of the Riverdale School. Sponsored "Boys Quartet" on Radio Station KOPP, Ogden, Utah. Sponsored "Litterbug Campaign". Sponsored two boys to the Utah Boy's State, which is a school to train the youth in State Government procedures. Lion Anderson, Fiet, Gantos, Davis and Knight assisted in the construction of a foundation for the "Fireplace" in the Riverdale town Park. Purchased a pair of eyeglasses for a small child.


  Sponsored a Float in the local July 4th celebration. Operated a "Booth" in the Concession area during this celebration. Built Concession Stands for the celebration. Hauled lumber from the town park to the town garage for storage. Members of the club hauled rocks to build a fireplace in the local park. Under the direction of Chairman G. Edwin Anderson members of the club shingled the roof and painted the Pavilion in the Riverdale Town Park. Sponsored Ladies Night. Paid for an eye exam for a small girl and boy, purchased the boy a pair of eyeglasses. Organized a committee to plan a program to help raise funds for the new Roy Junior High School.


Held a "Picnic Party for all Lions and their wives at the Riverdale Park. We invited 20 guests and their wives to learn what the Lion Clubs do for the community in which they live. Several of the guests were very interested,we hoped they would join our club in the near future. Members cleaned and weeded area in front of the Riverdale School. Sponsored Christmas Party for ladies of the club. We cooperated with the P.T.A. in sponsoring an Americanism Up Front Seminar in our area where each member was to call five neighbors and encourage them to attend these meetings. Gave checker sets to blind area residents. Pledged $50 to help sponsor a local Junior League Baseball Team. Paid $50 to help sponsor a local Little League Baseball Club. Cleaned out all weeds and raked up trash that had accumulated in the patch of Fitzer evergreens that we planted last spring in front of Riverdale School House. Raised funds from sale of Brooms and Light Bulbs to construct Rest Rooms at Riverdale Park. Enjoyable annual Summer Picnic held at local Park: Chances were sold on a Pool Table of which the proceeds were applied to our fund for building Rest Rooms at the Park; a one hundred per cent profit was raised from the fundraiser. Held annual Christmas Party December 14th.


Members spent 76 hours on City Directory Project. In addition to assisting with a Parade and Civic activities for a bicentennial celebration the Lions maintained a stand that served breakfast and lunch on Saturday July 3rd where 840 hamburgers were sold on July 5th. The club raised $600 profit to assist in Civic Projects. Purchased a pair of eyeglasses for a local boy, the contact was made through his school. For a service project Lions renovated 50 gallon drums into garbage cans for use at City Parks. Lion's decals were put on them. For a fundraiser the Lions served Breakfast after a Flag Raising Ceremony. on the 4th of July. Members also built "Booths" for Concessions during July 4th celebration where members sold hamburgers at one of the booths. The club received a "Certificate of Recognition" from the Utah Lions Charities Foundation for one hundred per cent participation toward the "Mobile Clinic Van".


The club was in charge of the "Breakfast" and "Hamburger Booth" during Riverdale "Old Glory Days" held July 4th. Eight Lions and wives helped during the "Breakfast" and the same at the "Hamburger Booth". A substantial profit was made on each project. "Benefit Concert" held October 15"' where the "Four R's", a musical group entertained that were sponsored by our club, all Lions participated. Provided yeglasses costing $107 for local eleven-year-old girl. Held annual "Steak Fry" at town Park with wives, which included a program with games that we considered an excellent activity. Issued a check to Weber School District Foundation for area participant education and a check to Utah Lions Foundation for Sight Conservation for the Blind. Made contributionto Riverdale Police Crime Prevention to provide funds for taking fingerprints and videotapes of community children. Held successful fundraiser during "Old Glory Days" once again serving "Breakfast" and later “Hamburgers". Sponsored a "Benefit Drive" to aise the necessary funds to purchase a special wheel chair for Linda Thompson, a ittle six year old girl who was born deaf and has Cerebral Palsy caused by premature birth. She has never been able to walk or talk. This chair was needed to support her back and legs so her spine and legs would remain straight. This project was accomplished as one of our members, Howard C. Coleman, who owns a theater, turned over the proceeds of one night run for this event. Every member of the club sold tickets for this benefit. It turned out very successful as we collected enough to purchase this special wheel chair. We also had a project of contributing to a needy family for Christmas. This also turned out to be a very successful and gratifying experience. On January 29th, 1987 the club held it's second annual Lions Drug Awareness Program. As last year, this year's program was aimed primarily at sixth graders and their parents where there were 137 in attendance. The keynote speaker was Colleen Bangerter, wife of Governor Bangerter; followed by Police Chief Glenn who reviewed community problems. A short movie "The Wizard of No" was shown and the program concluded with the Ogden High School Improvisation group who involved the audience with various types of encounters our youth may have with drugs and alcohol from peers and acquaintances, etc. Resource information was made available from the following sources: Riverdale Police Department, Crime Prevention Unit and Lions International Pamphlet handouts. Contacts for help as follows: Weber County Utah State Division Drug and Alcoholism information; Weber and Davis County Parent Support Group, "Tough Love" information.


Sent 535 pairs of eyeglasses collected in Riverdale area to the California Lions Collection Center to send throughout the World. Held August Social. Donated $350 to Sight First and $250 to Campaign for Sight from the service project the club held at the March Spaghetti Dinner. The Annual Christmas Party was held at the Hayloft Restaurant where special guest Cordell Hull sang Christmas Songs and played the guitar with Lion Joe Thompson. Held annual "Spaghetti Dinner" April 25th netting $1,000. Contributed $500 to LCIF, $250 to Utah Lions Foundation and the balance to other local charity projects Held the annual Breakfast and Burger Fry fundraiser during the 4th of July Holiday 1999 and had good member support from those who were in the area. Donated $50 to Mexico's earthquake victims for supplies. Raised $1,200 from "Spaghetti Dinner". All proceeds were given to sight First,. local businesses provided all food requirements. Other projects include first street lights in Riverdale on 4400 South: Helping Boy Scouts with Eagle Projects collecting and preparing glasses for shipment to Third World Countries: Raised funds for Sight First projects with “White Cane Day”:Raised money for eye projects including four prosthetic eyes and one cataract operation.



Past Officers of the Riverdale Lions Club
May 23, 1954-June 2004


1954-55        Charter                                       1955-56
          President:     R.O. Bills                                    President:     Lloyde Berrett
          Secretary:     Wallace M. Knight                      Secretary:     Wallace M. Knight
          Treasurer:     Wallace M. Knight                      Treasurer:     Wallace M. Knight
1957-58                                                          1956-57
          President:     Alexander Carlson                       President:     Elwyn S. Walker
          Secretary:     Wallace M. Knight                      Secretary:     Wallace M. Knight
          Treasurer:    Wallace M. Knight                       Treasurer:     Wallace M. Knight
1958-59                                                          1959-60
          President:     Chet W. Fronk                              President:     Herman Fiet
          Secretary:     Donald S. Child                           Secretary:     Ernest Kammeyer, Jr
          Treasurer:     Donald S. Child                           Treasurer:     Ernest Kammeyer, Jr
1960-61                                                          1961-62
          President:     Wallace M. Knight                       President:     Hall G. Davis
          Secretary:     Ernest Kammeyer, Jr.                  Secretary:     Robert D. Morgan
          Treasurer:     Ernest Kammeyer, Jr.                  Treasurer:     Robert D. Morgan
1962-63                                                          1963-64
          President:     Dahl Crabtree                             President:     G. Edwin Anderson
          Secretary:     W. Gordon Christensen               Secretary:     W. Gordon Christensen 
          Treasurer:     W. Gordon Christensen               Treasurer:     W. Gordon Christensen 
 1964-65                                                         1965-66
          President:     G. Edwin Anderson                     President:     Blaine Funk
          Secretary:     Not Recorded                              Secretary:     Wallace M. Knight
          Treasurer:     Not Recorded                              Treasurer:     Wallace M. Knight                    
 1966-67                                                         1967-68
          President:     Dee Burton                                  President:     Leon Poulsen
          Secretary:     Wallace M. Knight                       Secretary:     Wallace M. Knight
          Treasurer:     Wallace M. Knight                       Treasurer:     Wallace M. Knight
 1968-69                                                         1969-70
          President:     Wilford Tesch                              President:     Marcus C. Nielsen
          Secretary:     Wallace M. Knight                       Secretary:     Eugene Watson
          Treasurer:     Wallace M. Knight                       Treasurer:     Eugene Watson
 1970-71                                                          1971-72
          President:     Calvin Johnson                            President:     Wallace M. Knight
          Secretary:     Eugene Watson                           Secretary:     Leon Poulsen
          Treasurer:     Eugene Watson                           Treasurer:     Leon Poulsen
1972-73                                                          1973-74
          President:     George R. Whiting                     President:     G. Edwin Anderson
          Secretary:     Leon Poulsen                             Secretary:     Leon Poulsen                   
          Treasurer:     Leon Poulsen                             Treasurer:     Leon Poulsen
1974-75                                                          1975-76
          President:     Eugene Watson                          President:     Golden Bingham
             Secretary:     Tad D. Hendricks                        Secretary:     Tad D. Hendricks
          Treasurer:     Tad D. Hendricks                        Treasurer:     Tad D. Hendricks
1976-77                                                          1977-78
          President:     Ben E. Fowler                             President:     Philip E. Wright
          Secretary:     Tad D. Hendricks                         Secretary:     Golden Bingham
          Treasurer:     Tad D. Hendricks                         Treasurer:     Golden Bingham
1978-79                                                          1979-80
          President:     Jerry DeGroot                               President:     Tad D. Hendricks
          Secretary:     Golden Bingham                         Secretary:     Golden Bingham
          Treasurer:     Golden Bingham                         Treasurer:     Golden Bingham
1980-81                                                          1981-82
          President:     Mark K. Lucas                               President:     Don L. Reeder
          Secretary:     Golden Bingham                         Secretary:     David A. Tripp         
          Treasurer:     Golden Bingham               .         Treasurer:     David A. Tripp         
1982-83                                                          1983-84
          President:     Dennis Forsgren                           President:     James M. Young
          Secretary:     David A. Tripp                             Secretary:     Wilford Tesch
          Treasurer:     David A. Tripp                             Treasurer:     Wilford Tesch
1984-85                                                          1985-86
          President:     Jim Young/Glen Sederholm         President:     Calvin Johnson
          Secretary:     Wilford Tesch                               Secretary:     Hal G. Davis
          Treasurer:     Wilford Tesch                               Treasurer:     Hal G. Davis
 1986-87                                                          1987-88
          President:     Ronald C. Smith                          President:     George H. Whitley
          Secretary:     Hal G. Davis                                Secretary:     Hal G. Davis
          Treasurer:     Hal G. Davis                                Treasurer:     Hal G. Davis
1988-89                                                          1989-90 
          President:     Glenn Clary                                  President:     Joseph M. Thompson
          Secretary:     Ellis N. Child                                Secretary:     Ellis N. Child
          Treasurer:     Ellis N. Child                                Treasurer:     Ellis N. Child
1990-91                                                          1991-92
           President:     Tad Hendrick                               President:     Dee W. Burton
        Secretary:     Joseph M. Thompson                  Secretary:     Curtis Salisbury
        Treasurer:     Joseph M. Thompson                  Treasurer:     Joseph M. Thompson
1992-93                                                          1993-94
         President:     George Whitley                           President:     Dean Baker
         Secretary:     Joseph M. Thompson                  Secretary:     Joseph M. Thompson
         Treasurer:     Joseph M. Thompson                  Treasurer:     Joseph M. Thompson
1994-95                                                          1995-96
          President:     Dean Baker                                 President:     B. Wayne Hoaldridge
          Secretary:     Joseph M. Thompson                 Secretary:     Leo Bendinelli
          Treasurer:     Leo Bendinelli                           Treasurer:     Joseph M. Thompson   
1996-97                                                          1997-98
          President:     Wallace Knight                           President:     Joseph M. Thompson
          Secretary:     Leo Bendinelli                            Secretary:     Dennis J. Bubash
          Treasurer:     Leo Bendinelli                            Treasurer:     Dennis J. Bubash                  
1998-99                                                          1999-2000
          President:     Leon Poulsen                              President:     James Bowe
          Secretary:    Delbert Helm/Dennis Bubash       Secretary:     Shirley Bowe
          Treasurer:     Not Recorded                              Treasurer:     Shirley Bowe                    
 2000-2001                                                     2001-2002
          President:     James Knight                              President:     Nancy Whitley
          Secretary:     James Bowe                               Secretary:     James Bowe
          Treasurer:     James Bowe                               Treasurer:     James Bowe
2002-2003                                                      2003-2004
          President:     J. Michael Madson                      President:     Shirley Bowe
          Secretary:     James Bowe                               Secretary:     James Bowe
          Treasurer:     James Bowe                               Treasurer:     James Bowe
2004-2005                                                      2005-2006
          President      Lynn Smith                                 President:     Brent Ellis
          Secretary      James Bowe                               Secretary:     George Whitley
          Treasurer      James Bowe                               Treasurer:     George Whitley
2006-2007                                                      2007-2008
          President:     Glen Sederholm                         President:     Michael Madson
          Secretary:     George Whitley                           Secretary:    George Whitley
          Treasurer:     George Whitley                           Treasurer:    George Whitley
2008-2009                                                      2009-2010
          President:     Jim Bowe                                     President:    Joseph Thompson
          Secretary:     George Whitley                            Secretary:    George Whitley
          Treasurer:     George Whitley                            Treasurer:    George Whitley
          President:     Shirley Bowe                                    
       Secretary:     James Knight
         Treasurer:      James Knight



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