Lions Service Areas

Environment:  Raymond Lions Club supports local groups such as Loon Echo Trust, by providing a picnic table at each of 2 trailheads in Raymond.

Hunger Relief:  Raymond Lions Club is integrally involved in the Raymond Food Pantry collecting food, preparing food for pick-up, helping clients in the pick-up process and delivering food to people who cannot come to the pantry location.

Vision:  Raymond Lions recycle eyeglasses, support local schools by performing vision screening and contributing to organizations such as the IRIS Network, which helps people who are visually impaired or blind attain independence and community integration.  Raymond Lions help people who need financial support to obtain glasses

Pediatric Cancer:  As this is one of the newest Service Areas, the Raymond Lions Club is determining how to be involved. 

Diabetes is the 8th leading cause of death in the world.  That it is why Raymond Lions Club is joining a nationwide effort to increase awareness of diabetes - what it is, types and treatments.   A brief description is provided here along with links to external websites:


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