PORTISHEAD AND SURROUNDING VILLAGES AREA (sorry we are unable to offer in Clevedon)


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Public Access Defibrillators



Five years ago we announced a new project called Lions 4 Life which aimed to provide Public Access Defibrillators (PADs) within our catchment area.


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We have installed PADs at the following locations. We have provided Postcodes and What3Words locations:



  • Central Pill, Pill Street, BS20 0EL, hush.scouts.intend
  • Lodway, Ham Green, BS20 0HB, novel.universally.quarrel
  • Crockern School, Pill, BS20 0JP, finishing.manage.wallet
  • High Down School, Down Road, BS20 6DY, buying.shocked.beep
  • Boots, High Street, BS20 6EL, deliver.confirms.bolis
  • The Windmill Public House, Nore Road, BS20 6JY, piglet.salaried.weedy
  • 66 Drakes Way, Portishead BS20 6LD, nets.pats.dragonfly
  • Rippleside (on the grass verge), BS20 6NB,
  • St Josephs School, Bristol Road, BS20 6QB, wagers.presuming.relax
  • Heron Gardens/ Brampton Way (on footpath by Bridge), BS20 6YW, elbowing.narrow.overgrown
  • Watkins & Tasker Vets, 1 Harbour Road, BS20 7BL, fruits.sums.mule
  • Portishead Primary School, Station Road, BS20 7DB,
  • Cricket Club Pavilion, Lake Grounds, BS20 7JE, shop.newer.bumpy
  • Trinity School, Marjoram Way, BS20 7JF, laugh.reform.stitch
  • Lambourne Way, The Vale, BS20 7LF, patio.saints.distants
  • Waverley Court, Village Quarter, BS20 7NY, bulletins.chicken.remedy
  • The Priory Public House, Portbury, BS20 7TN, invisible.crisps.plums
  • St Nicholas' Church, Nore Road, BS20 8EN, data.logo.childcare
  • North Gate, Police HQ, Weatherly Drive, BS20 8JJ, contexts.cure.ultra
  • The Ship Public House, Down Road, BS20 8JT, curvy.slope.concerned
  • Weston in Gordano (in the Telephone Box), BS20 8PU, vies,
  • Abbots Leigh, Church Road (in the Telephone Box), BS8 3QW, shirts.detect.rare
  • The Royal Hotel, Pier Road, BS20 7HG, swordfish.polo.cabbies
  • The Methodist Church, Queens Road, BS20 8HT, dimension.balancing.stunner
  • St. Georges Hall, Easton in Gordano, BS20 0PX,
  • The Black Horse. Clapton in Gordano, BS20 7RH, keepers.panther.rectangular
  • West Hill. Marks Barber Shop, BS20 6PG, highly.humid.letter
  • St Mary's CE Primary School. Church Lane, BS20 7TR, blindfold.turns.flocking
  • A-Gas International Ltd, Serbert Close, BS20 7FS, above.fizzled.perfumes
  • Elements Hair & Beauty, Newfoundland Way, BS20 7QN, pronouns.nightlife.areas

In Addition there are Public Access Defibrillators at:

The Folk Hall, High Street
Alliance House (near the Marina)
North Weston Village Hall, Clevedon Road
Portishead Sailing Club

All the public access defibrillators in our area are Heartsine 500 P models Manufactured in the UK.


Anyone who would like more information should contact the club on:


Tel: 01275 281485, E-Mail:







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