The Pocono Lions Club was originated at a meeting held on November 22, 1949 at Johnny’s Pocono Summit Inn. Of the 30 men that met that day only one is still with us: Bill Lewis.

In June 1950, the group, sponsored by the Stroudsburg Lions Club, received a charter for the Pocono Lions Club from the Lions Clubs International.

True to the Lions motto, WE SERVE, the Pocono Lions Club since its inception has raised close to  ¾ of a million dollars that have been distributed to local charities. Under Lions Clubs International rules, funds raised from the public must be used for our charity work... they cannot be used to finance the operation of the club.

Melvin Jones Fellowship Membership Award:

Is recognition of a commitment to humanitarian work. The fellowship is an honor given to individuals who contribute the equivalent of US$1,000 to LCIF, and persons for whom such donations are made by others. The fellowship is the foundation's highest honor and represents humanitarian qualities such as generosity, compassion, and concern for the less fortunate. For every $1,000 donated by Pocono Lions Club to Lions Clubs International, the club receives a Melvin Jones Award that may be presented to members that meet the qualifications stated above.

The recipients are listed below:

2014    Fred Jabara

2011    Wes Werkheiser

2010    Wayne King

2009    George Barthelenghi

2008    Lou Menapace

2006    Andrew Shumack

2005    John Hajduk

            Joseph Mennella

            John Kaltenthaler

2003    Don Williams (deceased)

             Sam Olsher

             George Bishop

2000    Mark Braun

1997    Fred Haltenhoff

             Carl Schluter

1996    Bruce Denlinger

             Bill Forsberg (deceased)

1995    Ralph Eggert

             Ed Rainsford (deceased)

1992    Sterling Wagner (deceased)

             C Willis Dunlap (deceased)

             William Lewis

1990     Edwin Rodger Miller (deceased)

1989    John Desantos (deceased)



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