Peace Poster Contest

Yearly Pilot Lions Club along with other Lions Clubs throughout the world sponser a Peace Poster Contest.  Middle School students draw posters with a "Peace" theme.  Posters are judges and the winners are given a monetary prize along with being invited to a dinner with the Pilot Lions Club.  Their parents and art teacher are also invited.  The winning poster goes on to be judged with the District and from the there can go all the way to be judged at the international level.


The Lion is the king of all the animals, So beware, So beware.

His strength and courage ever are invincible, Anywhere, Everywhere

But if you are his friend, on him you may depend.  And that is why our symbol is the Lion.

Roar Lions, Let your voice be heard.

Roar Lions, Pass along the word.

That we are here to stand for Liberty, Protect the spirit of democracy.

We strive througn intelligence to gain success in attainment of our aims.

To help the weak and aid the strong,  Uphold the good and fight the wrong,

So Roar Lions Roar.


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