Vision Screening

The Phelps Lions Club is actively involved in free vision screenings for children from the age of 6 months through high school. 

The purpose of Vision Screener is to detect vision disorders early (vision screening). Vision disorders can cause permanent loss of vision in one eye (amblyopia) if they are not detected and treated within the first years of life.

To detect vision disorders, the Vision Screener plusoptiX S9 & S12 measures sphere, cylinder, axis, gaze and pupil size of both eyes simultaneously. Based on these readings spherical equivalent, gaze symmetry and inter pupillary distance are calculated. Patients who should see an eye care professional are identified by comparing these measurement values to age dependent referral criteria. These patients show „refer" as vision screening result automatically.

Screening procedure

Performing a screening is simple, takes less than one second and can be performed by non-medical staff or volunteers. Start the camera by pulling the trigger, a sound attracts attention, capture both eyes in the white rectangle on screen and a measurement is performed automatically. Screening distance is 3.3 feet (1 meter) with a tolerance of +-2 inches (+- 5 centimeters). Screening results are displayed on screen immediately.

Screening results

Refraction, pupil sizes and corneal reflexes are measured and compared to age based referral criteria automatically. Referral criteria are:

  • Anisometropia - compares refraction of both eyes
  • Astigmatism - checks corneal irregularities
  • Hyperopia - checks farsightedness
  • Myopia - checks nearsightedness
  • Corneal reflexes - checks symmetric eye alignment
  • Anisocoria - compares pupil sizes of both eyes

If readings are within limits, a "pass" screening result is displayed. If one or more of the readings are outside of limits, a "refer" screening result is displayed. Screening results are displayed on screen immediately after a measurement is completed.



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