Move In Kits for Vets

Move-In Kits are made available to Veterans who are transitioning from homelessness to permanent housing. The majority of veterans do not have the resources to purchase the essentials when they first move in to their new home. We occasionally receive donations of blankets and other household items, which are added to the basic kits.  Some Veterans have nothing to sleep on hence we are now making queen size air mattresses available to those who need a temporary bed and linens.

The purpose of the kits is to help Veterans re-establish basic living skills.  The kits enable the recipient to prepare a simple meal and thus encouraging healthier eating habits.  A setting for two promotes socialization skills and ads to a more homelike environment. The cleaning supplies assist the recipient in maintaining a clean house thus promoting a healthier living environment.

The HUD-VASH program (a partner of the Government HUD Housing Agency), provides permanent housing vouchers to eligible homeless veterans and veterans with families. HUD-VASH   subsidizes up to 70% of rent for eligible veterans, based on income.

The Move-In Kits consist of a laundry basket filled with the basic essentials needed for 2 people.  Items needed: Laundry baskets, frying pans, sauce pan, cooking utensils, cleaning supplies (dishwashing and laundry soaps, kitchen/bathroom cleansers, sponges, mop & broom, dust pan), place setting and silverware (plates, bowls, coffee cups, drinking glasses, eating utensils,) kitchen towels, pot holders, paper towels, dish drainer, food prep utensils (veggie peelers, knives, serving spoons, cheese grater, colander, cutting board w/knife, can opener, tongs)

Donations of items listed, monetary or other household items are needed to meet our monthly goals.  We currently provide baskets to 5 Veterans per month however we have an unmet need of 20 Veterans per month.





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