2020-2021  Officers-

Paris Lions Club is ready for a new year of service.  Members would like to thank Immediate Past President Brad Cash for his service to the club and community during these unprecedented times and look forward to serving with newly elected President Ron Stickler in the upcoming year.  Officers were installed on June 24th by District Governor Bill Wallpe of Danville Lions Club.

President- Ron Stickler

1st Vice Pres -  Steve Bennett

2nd Vice Pres- Dan Vice

Secretary- Velda Vice

Treasurer- Dean Smittkamp

, Tail Twister - Norm Wilson

Lion Tamer - Ron Hensley

2 yr Director-  Deana Rhoads, Andi Powers

1 yr Directors-  Belinda Mitchell, Karla Pierson

Membership Director- Amy Hill

 Immediate Past President- Brad Cash

Membership Committee: Amy Hill , Brad Cash, Ron Stickler

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