In November 1974 some 20 plus men met in Oswestry to consider forming an Oswestry Lions Club. This resulted in 21 men meeting at the Moreton Hotel on December 17th 1994 to form such a club.
The International Association of Lions Clubs in May 1995 granted and issued their charter for the Oswestry Lions Club to operate as part of the International Association.These 21 members were; W.E.Bowen,P.C.Carket-James, T.D.Francis, D.Goeff, John Hadley, D.J.Hampson, Goerge Hampson, R.Hewitt, John Hughes, Oswald Jones, D.W. McFarlane, G.T.Newton. R.I.Parry, Tony parsons, Dennis B.Roberts, D.H.Roberts, Terry Roberts, B.J.Smith, Bill Strange, R.B.Williams & T.E.Williams.  
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