UPDATE 6/2/21

Wow! Thank you North East! ❤️ Our TREX Community Plastic Recycling Program has sadly ended because we collected 500lbs of plastic in ONE MONTH! 😮😲 Our challenge was to collect more than 500 pounds of plastic refuse in a six-month span (about 40,500 plastic bags), and TREX donates a high-performance composite bench to your school or community. We were hoping to collect enough for a second bench, but the program does not allow it 🥺 We are challenging another school or community group to take on the challenge! We will give you all the tools to succeed. See the video on how it works! If you have bags you can take them to the Harborcreek Giant Eagle.


The North East Lions Club is proud to announce that the club has registered for the Trex® Community Recycling Challenge. This collection will range from May-November 2021 with the hopes of collecting at least 500 lbs of plastic. In addition to providing a better understanding and appreciation for the importance of recycling, Trex® will happily donate a high-performance composite bench that the North East Lions Club will place within the community.

Currently collection boxes are placed within the lobby of Sanders Market, Sanders Lawn & Garden, Orton's Fruit Market, Lake Country Bikes, and 4NINE Place. Watch the North East PA Lions Club Facebook page for additional locations.

Plastic bags are not the only items that will be accepted during the recycling challenge.  Grocery bags, bread bags, case overwrap, dry cleaning bags, newspaper sleeves, ice bags, packaging air pillows, wood pellet bags, cereal bags, salt bags, produce bags, and all other forms of re-closable bags and Ziplocs will be counted towards our end-goal.  The only stipulation on the condition of the bags is that they must be clean, dry and free of any food residue so Trex® can properly repurpose them into Earth-friendly composite outdoor decking and railing.

Below is a list of items that are approved and not acceptable items. Here are a couple of ways for you to tell its polyethylene or not. Check to see if the packaging is labeled with at 2 or 4.  If so, it can be included. See if the packaging will stretch when you pull it.  If so, it can be included. Is the packaging shiny or make a crinkly/crunchy sound?  If so, it’s NOT acceptable.

"After more than a decade, the Trex® Plastic Film Recycling Challenge continues to educate and inspire people by providing a program in which the community can play an active role in preserving the environment and making a difference." Stephanie Hicks, Materials Sourcing Manager for Trex®

If you have any questions or have a large donation, please contact the North East PA Lions Club through our Facebook page, email us at, or contact Lion Dick Kelley at 814-218-9448.

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