NEW: The 4 N.I.N.E. and North East Lions Club Coat Distribution 2021 will happen this year, but the changes implemented in 2020 due to COVID-19 will continue. This program is only available to residents of North East, PA .

  • Coats, hats, and a books will be provided  
  • New coats are available for ONLY GRADES Preschool & K-5 with completed APPLICATION.
  • If children are in the car during pick up, they may step out and get measured for boots. Boots will be ordered and then delivered to the school at a later time for pick up. 
  • Middle and High Schoolers may contact their school offices or 4 N.I.N.E. if they are in need. 


Application Due: Return to the school office by Friday, October 22nd, 2021. COMPLETE THE ENTIRE application, circling or filling in all the information.  Only children’s legal guardians should complete this application. Children will only receive one coat regardless of how many households they reside in. The child must be a North East, PA resident (borough/township) in order to participate.

Pick Up Date:Saturday, October 30th from 10am-1pm at  4 N.I.N.E. Center, 103 Clay St. Pick up will be limited contact. Please stay in car, enter from the east driveway and exit from the west driveway of the center, and provide guardian last name listed on application. Bagged coats will be brought to you. Children cannot try on coats, but you can exchange for size up until November 6th, 2021 by contacting the North East Lions Club via Facebook or email; additional information is requested for best sizing and if in doubt size up. 

MARK THIS DATE ON YOUR CALENDAR! and make any necessary arrangements NOW for pick up as THERE IS NO MAKEUP DAY! Friends & relatives can pick up if parent is unavailable, but must know the guardian’s last name on application.


  1. Complete with Guardian’s contact name.
  2. Phone numbers where you can be reached
  3. Your children’s full name, circle male/female, age, approximate height & weight, grade, and homeroom.  
  4. Their coat size (check current shirt size of your child) 5) Circle infant/toddler/youth/adult coat size.

Contact Renee Triana from the Lions Club via

phone or text at 814-746-7573 with any questions or concerns.


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