Thanks to all who made our carnival such a success. Up to 20 more families may get the vision care they need because of your help. We are committed to service in the area of help for those with vision issues.

 Last year the May 10th tornado caused great damage. Lions were there to help, and almost 50 families received vouchers through the Norman Lions for  help that was truly needed. We will be prepared to help again this storm season.

 Our high school and international student of the month programs will resume in the fall. Interested? Contact us and let us know!

 Our weekly programs are a treasure trove of information and entertainment for the members. Norman Lions are particularly proud to have so many  world-class  speakers  and performers as our guests. If you would like to be a part of our programs or have a suggestion for a program, contact Lion Ben Odom at  405.701.1863.

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