The New Lenox Lions Club was originally chartered in the 1920’s but lost its charter during the Great Depression.  The Club was re-chartered in 1948.

Prior to the club meeting in the Lions Community Center, the club owned an old church which was purchased from the local Catholic Parish.  For many years the club held its meetings and some of its major functions on this property, one of which was an early version of a community festival.  This property was sold and the funds used to build the current facility.

The Lions Community Center was erected by the Lions in 1977 and donated to the New Lenox Park District.  In recognition for that donation, the Park District has allowed a 45 year “lease” to the Lions to use the building for Lions Club functions.  One room in the building, the Bicentennial Room, is designated as a Clubhouse for the Lions in which the Lions meet on the 2nd  Wednesday of each month.

The New Lenox Lions have been instrumental in the growth and expansion of activities of the Park District.  Through the efforts of the club, the New Lenox Park District was organized in 1969.  Three Lions Club members served on the first Park Board.  Many parks were built through the efforts of the Lions.

In 1979 the Lions organized their first large scale fundraiser known as the Cadillac Sweepstakes Dance.  Each year in the early years, tickets were sold to not only attend a gala affair to raise funds, but also to give each ticket holder a chance to win, yes indeed, a Cadillac automobile.  Now this major fundraiser is known as the Lions Sweepstakes and offers cash prizes; alas gone is the Cadillac.

The Lions have a devoted affiliation with the Police and Fire Departments and have afforded those Officers and Firefighters some valuable tools to help keep the community safe and to save lives.  The Lions have established a deep relationship with our grade schools as well, with helping their Nurses in testing children’s sight, and affording eye glasses to those in need.

The Lions slogan, “We Serve”, is prominent in our endeavors, one of which is the Lions Christmas Basket Program.  This program was established to help the less fortunate in New Lenox enjoy the Christmas holiday with food, and gifts for the children. 

The New Lenox Lions Club has a long standing reputation as the go-to organization in New Lenox Township when help is needed for any reason.

                                                           We Serve



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