NEWBURYPORT LIONS CLUB BED RACE THURSDAY, AUGUST 1, 2019 FEDERAL ST, NEWBURYPORT, MA 5PM BED CHECK IN. RACE 6PM INFO/REGISTRATION: Mail in: Lions bed race, po box 545, Newburyport, MA 01950 $30 per team Must be over 18 to participate.


Newburyport Lions Club 2019 Bed Race Rules
• The vehicle must be a bed of sturdy construction and standard dimensions for its respective style (single, queen, king, canopy, crib, children’s, bunk, hospital, etc.). Homemade beds are acceptable, provided they are modeled after real beds. Some type of bed frame is necessary for all entries. Mattresses are not necessary but may be used (riders will appreciate the comfort, it’s a bumpy ride). All beds will be inspected by the race officials for safety. Beds may be disqualified if they appear too dangerous for participants and spectators.
• The bed must be propelled by human power only. No motorized or mechanical propulsion assistance is allowed.
• Wheels or castors should swivel to accommodate steering. The outside diameter of each wheel shall not be larger than (12”) inches in diameter.
• Bed crews are limited to a maximum (5) running members, typically three pushers and two pullers. Others may run in front, beside or behind the bed to enhance a theme as long as they are not aiding in moving the bed.
• Each bed must have at least (1) rider from start to finish; however, there is no limit to the number of riders in each bed. Riders are not allowed to assist in the propulsion of the bed; however, they may steer the bed.
• The race route is down Federal Street in Newburyport. Total distance is approximately 1⁄4 mile start to finish line. Race starts at 6:00p.m. Thursday, August 1st. Lite Rain or shine. (Severe weather will postpone the race until Friday, August 2nd, 6pm. This will be a race time decision)
• Beds will race one at a time, order will be determined by race officials. Each bed will be timed individually by timekeepers.
• Each bed must display the team name or sponsor logo for immediate identification and spectator viewing.
Please do NOT throw candy to only encourages them to come out into the street
Entrants are encouraged to decorate the bed in a manner to provoke outlandish, silly or socially relevant themes. It is suggested that the participants also dress in costumes enhancing their theme. Imagination is the key and it needs to be family friendly.
The registration fee is $30.00 per bed. Proceeds benefit the Newburyport Lions Club local charities (eye exams / glasses for the needy, annual Thanksgiving dinner, visual aids for the blind, high school scholarships, local food pantries, etc.)
Contact Chad McDonald for more information at 978-314-9000 or The deadline for entry is 6pm on race day.
Thank-you to Bed Race sponsor Watts Eye Associates

Newburyport Lions Club P.O. Box 545
Newburyport, MA. 01950



Thursday August 1, 2019 @ 6:00p.m. Federal Street, Newburyport

Team Name or Sponsoring Organization:

Group Leader:



Entry fee $30.00 Cash or Checks made payable to the Newburyport Lions Club.

In consideration for acceptance of this application, the bed race crew members and their sponsors acknowledge and accept that the Newburyport Lions Club, Yankee Homecoming Inc, the City of Newburyport, race officials and volunteers will not be held liable for personal injury to participants or spectators during the course of this event. This is to include any property damaged by beds before, during or after the race.


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