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For information about the Nashua Lions Club or our activities, please email us at or you can send contact us via mail at the address below. 

Nashua Lions Club

PO Box 3361

Nashua, NH 03061


Nashua Lions Officers and Directors

  • King Lion (President):  Paul Bergeron;
  • 1st VP:  Erin Freda;
  • 2nd VP:  Erich Engelhart;
  • 3rd VP:  Martha Ackerman;
  • Secretary:  Linda Quebec;
  • Treasurer:  Louise Deschenes;
  • Lion Tamer:  Mark Hendrickson;
  • Directors 1 year:  
    • Fran Hendrickson;
    • Derek Connary;
  • Directors 2 year:  
    • Joel Ackerman;
    • Lou Marino;
  • Program & Membership Chair:  Ed Lecius;
  • LCIF Chair:  Ed Lecius;
  • Marketing & Communications:  Kelly Fox;
  • Sight & Hearing Assistance Chair: Eileen Kelly;
  • KidSight Vision Screening Chair: Kevin Kelly;
  • Greeter:  Derek Connary;
  • Historian: Ed Lecius;


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