The Mt Pleasant Lions are pleased to announce that we have acquired the latest tool to do eye screenings.  It is called SPOT and is produced by PediaVision.  The device is hand held and looks similar to a camera.  The person performing the screening aims the device like a camera to the person being screened.  SPOT then analyzes and detects:

  • Near-sightedness (myopia)
  • Far-sightedness (hyperopia)
  • Unequal refractive power (anisometropia)
  • Blurred vision, eye structure problem (astigmatism)
  • Pupil size deviations (anisocoria)
  • Eye misalignment (strabismus)

A print out is then produced for the person’s eye care provider.   Here are web links for further information regarding SPOT.

Let Mt Pleasant Lions provide a screening for your group.  Call Lion Warren at (540) 525-4557 to plan a time for you.


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