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This past Monday (Feb 19, 2018) the Mt. Brydges Lions club made a donation to the Children's Health Foundation from proceeds of last year's Cole Pearn Appreciation night for his NASCAR Championship as a Crew Chief in 2017. They donated $1680 and Community Relations Associate Jennifer Baxter says the money will go to multiple destinations.  
Baxter says service clubs play a huge role in communities as this event showed as area Lions Clubs lent a hand to Mt. Brydges Lions to put on the event. 

Wheelchair Accessible Nature Trail Update.

We have now identified 21 different tree species along the Lions Wheelchair accessible Nature Trail for easy identification, even a young White Ash that has survived the Emerald Ash Borer. 
The species identified are: Sugar (Hard) Maple, Red (Soft) Maple, Silver Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Black Oak, Black Cherry, Shagbark Hickory, American White Elm, Blue-Beech, American Beech, Bitternut Hickory, Eastern White Pine, Yellow Birch, Sassafras, Ironwood (Hop-HornBeam), Butternut, Trembling Aspen, Manitoba Maple, White Ash and Northern Hackberry
There are over 60 trees marked with numbers and the numbers can be referenced at
If you use your smart phone on the trail to access the tree list, you can be redirected to the specie page on the "Tree Atlas of the Southwest Region of the Ontario Environment" website where you will find more information about the specie.
Once we have an information board set up, printed copies will be made available.

Mount Brydges Lions Club Donations 2016  
Lions Related Donations    
Eyes Right $250.00  
LCI $150.00  
District " A1 " Effective Speaking $160.00  
Peters Bus - Lake Joe Transportation Donation $100.00  
Leader Dogs For The Blind ( Donation ) $200.00  
Lions of Alberta ( Fort McMurray Relief Fund ) $500.00  
Lions Foundation of Canada $50.00  
Sub Total   $1,410.00
Youth Activities    
Mount Brydges Skating Club $500.00  
Our Lady of Lourdes $100.00  
Caradoc North School ( English Award ) $30.00  
Delaware Mount Brydges Minor Baseball $200.00  
Shayna McFadden ( Precision Skating donation ) $200.00  
Evening for Everleigh $500.00  
Glencoe Curling Club Youth Curling $100.00  
Three Striker Squadron $50.00  
First Mount Brydges Scouut Boy Scouts Group $1,250.00  
Sub Total   $2,930.00
Charitable Donations    
Physically Disabled Athlete: Cody Salomons  $550.00  
M.S. Society $50.00  
VON $300.00  
Salvation Army $100.00  
St.Judes Anglican Church ( Caring Cupboard Donations ) $550.00  
Oneida of the Thames ( Burn Victims donation ) $500.00  
Women’s Rural Resource Centre $450.00  
Salvation Army Strathroy Food Bank $500.00  
Sub Total   $3,000.00
Other Donations    
Canada Day Committee $1,000.00  
Mount Brydges Lioness X-mas @ Nursing Home $200.00  
Sub Total   $1,200.00
Total Donations   $8,540.00



Our 2016 project: Wheel chair accessible Nature Trails.

Objective Achieved!

Nature Trails Map.

Our 2015 projects: Splashpad and Playground.


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