Mount Brydges Lions Club

25 acres to enjoy with our Wheelchair accessible Nature Trail.

When the project was developed, it was also decided to identify some of the trees along the trail, mark noticable specimens and provide information regarding the species. 
A start has been made and to date 21 different species have been identified and 63 marked. A list of the species found below. 
By clicking on the Botanical name of the specie, you will be taken to the Tree Atlas of the Southwest Region of the Ontario Environment website where you will find more information about the specie. 
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Identification Number Common Name Botanical Name
1 Sugar (Hard) Maple Acer saccharum
2 Red Oak Quercus rubra
3 Black Cherry Prunus serotina
4 Silver Maple Acer saccharinum
5 Shagbark Hickory Carya ovata
6 American White Elm Ulmus americana
7 Blue-Beech Carpinus caroliniana
8 American Beech Fagus grandifolia
9 Bitternut Hickory Carya cordiformis
10 Eastern White Pine Pinus strobus
11 White Oak Quercus alba
12 Red (Soft) Maple Acer rubrum
13 Yellow Birch Betula alleghaniensis
14 Sassafras Sassafras albidum
15 Ironwood (Hop-HornBeam) Ostrya virginiana
16 Butternut Juglans cinerea
17 Trembling Aspen Populus tremuloides
18 Black Oak Quercus velutina
19 Manitoba Maple Acer negundo
20 White Ash Fraxinus americana
21 Northern Hackberry Celtis occidentalis



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