Duck Derby:

Every summer the "ducks" run down the Serpentine River in Crescent Park. Ducks are sold for several months prior, and each ticket is for a duck that enters the race.  Many join us for snacks and fun as everyone anticipates being the winner of cash and merchandise. Check out our special Duck Derby page for more information.

Eyeglasses Collection  

If you have old or not so old eyeglasses that you are not wearing, then we can do something with them. Dust them off and drop them off at any of our drop off places. There are collection boxes in public places throughout the city.  We collect about 150 pairs a year. Tell your friends and relatives about this project.  Eyeglasses go via Samaritans Purse to third world countries where they can be used.

Work with the Blind:

Helen Keller gave the Lions a mandate to serve the blind.  Monthly dinners of the White Cane Club are attended by our members in order to help with transportation, suppers or whatever is needed. The blind are also active in bowling and our assistance is called on there as well.

You can also find us selling tickets for the CNIB's car raffle each year. This helps our funds, but more importantly helps the CNIB with their fundraision project. 

Serving our Community

Where there is a need, and we find out about it, we see how best we can serve those in our community. We have assisted in funding aids to help with people's independence, including stair lifts and reading aids. We have sent teens to leadership camp, and others to special needs camp.  Yearly donations   to several health related foundations are also a part of our mission.






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