Melvin Jones Award 

As Lion Tamer and Tail Twister for the MCEP Lion Rich Polanek works tirelessly in his club and District 1A.  Lion Rich’s artistic talents are recognized through his club’s newsletter and website.  He has also created flyers, posters, banners, t-shirts and other items for many Club and District fundraisers, community service projects and DG Dave’s hospitality room.  Lion Rich has designed pins for District Governors, pins and banner patches for VOICES-District 1A’s 501(c)(3) and pins for International Conventions.   Lion Rich goes above and beyond any expectations and is always willing to lend a hand.


2013-14 Lion of the Year Award

Our Lion of the Year Award turned out to be the Lion Couple of the Year Award presented to Lions Barb and Vince Mini.  This hardworking couple of Lions has been very active in the club and volunteer side by side at the fundraising events and community service projects. Lion Barb joined the MCEP Lions Club in April 2001 and Lion Vince finally joined her in June 2008.  Lion Barb was instrumental as Club Secretary and Lion Vince has been very persuasive getting guests to buy a square on the split the pot boards at the club’s fundraisers.  Lion Vince serves as a Director of the club.  Lions Barb and Vince sit in on many of the planning meetings for the club’s fundraisers and community service projects and come up with great ideas.  Lion Barb handles our eyeglass requests and is very responsive assisting those in need of eye exams and glasses. 


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