How to Apply for a Grant from our Club

How to Apply for Vision Services (eyeglasses & exams)

How to Apply for Hearing Services (hearing aids & exams)


2018 Spring Grants: (Pending)


2017 Fall Grants:


2017 Spring Grants:

1. Bland of VA: $250

Purpose: Contributes to scholarship fund awarded to Bland contest finalists at the annual state convention.

Since 1948 Lions clubs have sponsored music competitions, both vocal and instrumental. Between February and May local clubs sponsor the progressive contests for middle and high school students culminating in 12 finalists performing at the state convention. $18000 in scholarships are awarded these finalists to be used for musical education.

2. VA Eyeglass Recycling Center: $200

Purpose: Contributes to operating costs at 2 recycling centers in VA.

There are 2 collection centers in VA, Arlington and Roanoke. Volunteers wash, sterilize, read prescriptions, and pack and ship these glasses to foreign countries for use by missionaries and other health organizations.

3. Leader Dog: $350

Purpose: Contributes to annual Leader Dog Program operating costs.

For 75 years the Leader Dog program has been raising and training canines for assisting blind individuals. This is an international program.

4. VA Hearing Foundation:  $500

Purpose: Contributes to annual foundation operations supporting hearing programs.

In a partnership with UVa, the hearing foundation assists with research, treatment and education of hearing impaired individuals. They provide hearing exams and hearing aids at a lower cost. They screen children for possible cochlear implants and can assist in this surgery.

5. Lions of VA Foundation (LOVF): $500

Purpose: Contributes to annual foundations operations providing grants to clubs in VA.

Lions of VA Foundation provides grants to Lions Clubs throughout the state. Our club received $12000 this year for our playground and pavilion project.

6. Youth Exchange: $100

Purpose: Contributes to funds supporting annual youth camp/exchange costs

The website says this is to send children to camps, but Bob Bloomquist (who headed this) said it supported a student exchange to a foreign county.

7. Sight Foundation: $500

Purpose: Contributes to annual foundation operations supporting vision programs.

8. Sight and Hearing Mobile Screening Unit (SAHMSU): $500

Purpose: Contributes funds to support annual operations within District 24C

The SAHMSU is used throughout district 24C to screen individuals for sight and hearing problems. We have used it at health fairs, the Rockingham County fair and at Sunnyside.

9. Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF): $1000 (already paid)

Purpose: Annual contribution to support foundation international program operations.

LCIF assists by providing grants globally for vision problems, catastrophes and to educate youth in life skills. They continue to look for a cure for river blindness and help with measles vaccinations in third world countries.

10. Lions Medical Project:  $500

Purpose: Contributes to medical clinic operations in VA.

Since 2000, the Lions have run a 3-day medical clinic in July in Wise County, VA(RAM) Volunteer doctors and dentists treat thousands of needy individuals at no cost.

Total Grants Approved: $4,400



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