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Message in a Bottle is a free scheme set up in the UK by Lions to help the emergency services by providing a known location for essential information in the event of an accident or sudden illness  - particularly for people living on their own.



Each bottle is provided with a form to allow the essential information to be recorded (e.g. any key medical conditions, or medication issues and where tablets etc. are kept).  This information is to be kept in the special bottle inside the fridge.  Stickers are provided which are to be displayed on the INSIDE of the front door (so that the emergency services know there is a bottle on the premises), and on the front of the fridge (so they know where to find it).

Macclesfield & District Lions hold a stock of bottles - if you would like one please contact us.  With other Lions Clubs in Cheshire East we also provide bottles to the Cheshire East Fire Safety Section.  They offer bottles to people over 65, or with special medical conditions, as part of their home visit safety visits - over 9000 bottles have been handed out in this way since 2008.



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