Live Oak, Florida

Lions Club

- Established May 17, 1950 -



The Live Oak Lions Club was organized on April 17, 1950 and chartered May 17, 1950. The Live Oak Lions have an outstanding record of positive community service and have made a difference in our community over the past half century.

"Kindness is the language the blind can see and the deaf can hear."      Mark Twain

    Can You Be a Member of the LIVE OAK LIONS CLUB?  If you are willing to donate a little personal time and effort to benefit your fellow Lions and the community citizens, be a dependable team player, maintain high ethical standards in personal and business conduct, and enjoy good fellowship while helping those in our community who are less fortunate, then there's a good possibility you have what is needed to be a true LION !  We would like to meet you.
   Because Lions Clubs are local, they serve the unique needs of the communities they live in. Lions Clubs support sight programs and services including vision screenings, eye banks and eyeglass recycling, provide eye care services to those at risk of losing their sight.
Interested in information? You can contact any Lion for more information.

  Still wondering about what we are all about?  See below!

R E C E N T  A C T I V I T I E S


Local Lions Club Distributes Bell Ringing Collections

Carol Johnson, Program Director and Kathy White, Executive Vivid Visions display check. Lion representatives:  David Mullis, Justin Wilkinson, John Curls, Coy Howell, Ed Howell, and Adam Hitt


Vickie Hicks, Suwannee Pregnancy Care Center Director receives check from Lions David Mullis, Ed Howell, JD Curls, Coy Howell, Justin Wilkinson and Adam Hitt.

Lisa Kriehn, Suwannee Love Inc Director accepts check from Lion President Coy Howell.  Lions Ed Howell, Justin Wilkinson, David Mullis and Adam Hitt look on.

   Representatives of the Live Oak Lions Club Charities recently hand delivered $500 checks to three local community service organizations.  The money was given by Suwannee shoppers to Lions ringing bells at 3 business locations during the club’s annual Christmas bell ringing project.  Approximately $1300 was collected in the one day activity.  Lion Club members voted to add enough funds from the club’s Charities fund account to make the total an even $1500 and to divide it equally between Suwannee county organizations Love INC, Pregnancy Care Center, and Vivid Visions. 

This year’s activity was another success and reconfirmed the LION motto “We Serve”, and the organization’s prime directive that all monies and gifts received from the community be returned to the community to help where there is need.  The success was made possible due to the cooperation of local merchants Publix, Wal-Mart, and Winn-Dixie who allowed the volunteers to ring the bells in front of their businesses and also due to the generosity of many Suwannee citizens.


Lions Share Food For Christmas With Vivid Visions

L-R: Lion David Mullis; Joan Latreille, Vivid Visions; Lion Ed Howell; Lion Gerald Herring; Lion Jeannette Clark; Lion Wyman Clark

            Just before Christmas representatives of the local Live Oak Lions Club showed up knocking on the door at the Vivid Visions office bearing Christmas gift food bags for their participating clients.  Vivid Visions provides a valuable service to Suwannee County and operates most of the time quietly behind the scenes, or “off the radar” as is said today, providing to victims of domestic violence and abuse several valuable services including a confidential, temporary safe place shelter, food and clothing.  Florida Law provides”Injunctions for Protection” to assist victims of domestic violence. Vivid Visions operating funds are derived mostly from to the support of local citizens, special supporting individuals, churches, local organizations and businesses of Suwannee County.

Anyone who wishes to support this valuable service for Suwannee citizens or knows of someone who is a victim can make contact 24 hours a day at 364-2100 to discuss the situation.


Lions Bring Some Christmas to Pregnancy Care Center

L-R: Lions Jeannette Clark and Wyman Clark; Vicky Hicks Live Oak Pregnancy Center; Lions Ed Howell,
Gerald Herring, David Mullis

             Representatives of the Live Oak Lions Club visited the local Pregnancy Care Center carrying a surprise of about a dozen gift food bags surprises for their special clients. The local Lions Club provides assistance and support in various forms to area citizens through its Live Oak Lions Charities activities. The Pregnancy Care Center has been in operation since June 14, 1985 and has grown to include 3 locations; Live Oak, Lake City and Jasper . The goal of the organization is to develop and administer programs and information designed to assist women in confronting and dealing with the various physical, emotional economic and social problems associated with pregnancy.  The centers are under one board of directors and serve Columbia, Suwannee, Union, and Hamilton counties in North Central Florida. Anyone who wanting to help support this valuable service for our area or needing information can call 386-330-2229.or visit


Live Oak Lions
54th Annual Senior Awards Banquet
Top 10% Academic SHS & BHS
  Students Honored

    Thirty seven students from Suwannee High School and Branford High School were honorees last week at the annual Lions Senior awards Banquet held to recognize the top 10% of the graduating class from both SHS and BHS. Organizing and holding this event is a long time tradition of the local Lions Club of Live Oak. It has been held for 54 continuous years! The ceremony is made possible due to the support of community sponsors. This year business support from First Federal Bank of Florida, Farm Bureau Insurance and North Florida Printing Co. plus anonymous private support made the program possible.

                For the first time as part of the recognition the local Lions this year offered a $500 Academic Scholarship to a SHS and a BHS top 10% student. This year approximately 20 students applied for the scholarship. The two selected by a scholarship committee were Suwannee’s Megan Letu and Branford’s Corissa Northrop.

2016 Suwannee High Top 10% of Class Honors Graduates


2016 Branford High School Top 10% of Class Honors Graduates


Live Oak Lions Club $500 Scholarship Winners!


Lion President Chris Fry and Scholarship Chair Justin Wilkinson present awards

Corissa Northrop - Branford High School -- Megan Letu - Suwannee High School


Banquet Program Speaker  Rev .Shawn Johnson, PhD.  Dowling Park First Baptist Church

 Mr. Malcolm Hines - SHS Principal


 Ms.Katrina Walker-Bius - Assistant Principal BHS

Caterers: Ms Julie Dees Branford Culinary Arts, Courtney Dees and Jessica Mott, and Suwannee School Cafeteria Manager Ms. Arlene Baker

Dinner Music and Entertainment:  Jack Fry



SHS Students Share Pizzas with Lions!

      A group of apprehensive Suwannee High Leo Club members recently got to meet, observe, interact, and eat some pizza with a group of local Lions at their school. Everything went well and the meeting went off without a hitch.  The LEOs were cautious and on their best behavior. The Lions were fairly docile because they were getting fed and actually were two legged lions … members of the local Live Oak Lions Club. The occasion was used to recognize the LEO members for their service within their community and their helpful work at the LIONS Club concession stand at the Suwannee County Fair this year.

The Live Oak Lions Club has sponsored the SHS LEO Club for several years. Members are encouraged to develop leadership, self worth, and positive citizenship and involve themselves in their community in activities designed to help our less fortunate citizens.

This year Roger Sumner, SHS Instructor, became the new LEO Club advisor due to the retirement of long time advisor Terry Mills. During the LEO/LION meeting the Leos witnessed the official installation ceremony of Lion Roger Sumner by Lion President Chris Fry.

 New LEO Club Advisor, Roger Sumner (L) installed by Sponsoring Lion Terry Mills (c), and Lion Chris Fry (r), Club President



   Lion President Chris Fry, New Lion Jeanette Clark, Sponsoring Lion Wyman Clark

  On March 8, 2016 the club added its newest LION, Jeanette Clark, to its membership roll. Ms. Clark was sponsored by her husband and long time active member Lion Wyman Clark.  Lion president, Chris Fry, installed Ms. Clark following unanimous recommendation and approval by fellow Lions.

The Live Oak Lions Club was Chartered June 10, 1950 and ever since has been participating in and contributing to the local community, especially in the area of vision care for local, financially challenged citizens.  This has been made possible due to the much appreciated support of Live Oak and Suwannee County community minded citizens and businesses over the past 66 years.  The LION motto is “We Serve”.


Live Oak Lions Add To Pride Numbers














Lion President Chris Fry, New Lion James Parker III, Sponsor Lion Jerry Poole

   The Live Oak Lions Club continued to grow its pride when another new member, James O. Parker III, was officially installed at its February 23 meeting.   Membership in LIONS is by invitation and approval of the board and club membership.  Lions are typically community minded everyday type citizens who enjoy fellowship and like to “roll-up their sleeves” and work together to help others less fortunate.  Local Lions invite anyone interested in membership or information about membership andactivities to simply talk to any Lion or go to their website.


HOOKED on HEROES!  Supported by Live Oak Lions

President Chris Fry                 Hooked On Heroes presenter Lion B. J. Blackmon

       Lions learned about a new local  service organization organized and operated by a local community minded citizen, Ron Cadle, and some similarly minded friends designed to benefit veterans.Their objective is to provide through the efforts or area volunteers and sponsors totally free saltwater fishing trips to veterans. Individual Lions participate by providing their boat and acting as volunteer captain.  At the conclusion of the presentation by Mr. Blackmon LION members approved a $500 contribution to Hooked on Heroes on behalf of it's 5 veteran members to this local volunteer organized and operated charity group.



Live Oak Lions Club Welcomes New Member

          Live Oak LIONS accepted and installed their newest member, Dana Norman, at the February meeting. Ms. Norman was sponsored by Lion Tina Fletcher, also a recently installed new member.  Lion Norman was officially installed by President Lion Chris Fry who also presented Sponsoring Lion Fletcher a sponsor recognition pin from Lions International.

Lion President Chris Fry: New Lion, Dana Norman: Sponsor Lion Nina Fletcher


Live Oak Lions Installs New Members

LR:President Chris Fry: Sponsor Jack Lewellyn/New Lion Teresa Lewellyn; New Member Donna Lee/Sponsor Nina Fletcher; New Member Justin Wilkinson/Sponsor David Mullis

    Three new LIONS were officially installed by members LION President Chris Fry at the January 26 meeting.
    The new local Lions become a part of the largest community service organization.  The Live Oak Lions Club was chartered June 10, 1950 and has been an active group in Live Oak for 65 years. Presently there are 30 local Lions.  Lions members number over 1.2 million worldwide with 45,000 clubs located in over 200 countries. The group was founded in the US and composed of a group of businessmen wanting to give back to their communities.  Initially they were looking for a need to fill.  After Helen Keller spoke at a convention and challenged these Lions to help the blind and visually impaired the Lions found their purpose.
    Since 1917 Lions believe in a strong commitment to community service and serving to develop youth into positive community citizens. Lions clubs historically have aided the blind and the visually impaired, especially children and seniors needing but unable to afford vision or hearing assistance.
    “Lionism” is about volunteerism. Club expenses are paid by member dues and assessments.  No funds collected from the communities in fund raisers or donations are used to operate or maintain club expenses. None is used to operate the club or pay officers or leaders. All money collected from the community public is returned to the public.



Local Lions Install and Welcome New Members

            To begin the new year on a positive note the Live Oak Lions Club welcomed two new Lions, Tina Fletcher and B.J. Blackmon, by officially installing them as full time active members at the January 12 meeting.

L-R:Lion President Chris Fry, Sponsor Adam Hitt with New Lion Tina FletcherNew Lion B.J. Blackmon with Sponsor John Wiggins


Local Lion Volunteers Help Salvation Army





 LIONS learn about

Concealed Weapons Regulations and Responsibility

Burney Ratliff, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor

          Local Lions were treated to an interesting and informative presentation at their recent regular noontime meeting by guest speaker Mr. Burney Ratliff, a local NRA Certified Firearms Instructor.  Mr. Ratliff reviewed and explained the process and qualifying procedures any applicant must successfully meet before being approved for a permit by the State.  Eligibility requirements and procedures involved in applying for a concealed weapons permit apply to not only firearms but also to non firearm weapons. Permits are valid for 7 years and must be renewed. Presently there are approximately 1,465,000 concealed carry permit holders in the State of which 23% are female.  Included in the discussion and questions were how the laws in Florida pertain to sites and events where weapons are barred by law even if a person has a concealed permit.   An interesting program! Anyone interested in information pertaining to 100% Home Protection or certified firearms training can contact Mr. Ratliff at 842-2627

Lion President, Chris Fry, Burney Ratliff, NRA CFI, Kevin Greene Program Host 



Suwannee Clerk of Court Updates Local Lions

Barry Baker, Clerk of Court, was the guest speaker at the Lions Club’s noontime Tuesday this past Tuesday.  Mr. Baker gave those attending an informative update regarding the functions and various activities which involve the Clerk of Court office.  The present finances of the County and some interesting present vs. past historical events about the county and clerk’s office were also highlighted, including the challenges brought on by population growth the county has experienced in recent years.

Lion President Chris Fry, Clerk of Court Barry Baker, Program Host John Wiggins


Local Lions Serve Again by Serving Again...

 Servers L-R: David Mullis, Bob Dawson, Jack Lewellyn, Joey Chamberlain, Justin Wilkinson, Teresa Lewellyn
David Mullis, Bob Dawson, Jack Lewellyn, Joey Chamberlain, Justin Wilkinson, Teresa Lewellyn

   Several local Lions Club members volunteered their time and labor for community service to work together as a serving line on Saturday October 03 at the Florida Sheriff’s 2015 Homecoming and Open House.  Great weather, great organization, great people, and great food made it a great day!   Thanks to the Sherriff’s Ranch for giving Lions the opportunity to serve again at this annual tradition.   Thanks to Lions who served – true to your motto: We Serve!





Lions Volunteer for Story Time Readers

  L-R:Chris Fry-President:Andrew Poole-Program: Nancy Roberts & Sharon Chamberlain-ELM    
   Guest presenters at the Live Oak Lions Club’s 9/22 meeting were Ms. Sharon Chamberlain and Ms. Nancy Roberts of Early Learning Matters in Suwannee. They jointly provided an informative description and update of the organization’s vision and the activities of its volunteer members.
    Remember your kindergarten or grammar school teacher reading stories to you at school?  Most often the class was mesmerized by a descriptive reader or story teller and looked forward to the next time. Some now older still have fond memories of the activity.
     A priority of Early Learning Matters in Suwannee is to promote in area young and preschool children an increased desire to read by exposing them to the magic and joy of listening to the reading of storybooks. Volunteers set aside a little individual time each month to be story time readers to groups of young children.
      Today large numbers of young children are not developing interests in reading because they are being constantly exposed to a multitude of outside-the-class entertainments.  They are entertained, engrossed, and soon bored by battery powered electronic toys, videos, games, phones, etc.  Young people, adults included, lack desire to effectively read a written language … except cryptic texting. The attitude is: no need to.
       The ability to comprehend written language is the foundation of literacy and provides important advantages to advanced societies.    Developing effective reading skills creates individual empowerment.  The ability to develop mental images from written words begins at a very young age, but learning to read, and to comprehend what is read, takes time, desire, and effort and encouragement…. it is not easy.  Learning Matters in Suwannee volunteer readers are providing the encouragement.
       Several Lions in attendance signed up to join other local volunteers and donate some of their personal time to be a volunteer story time reader.


Lion District Governor Visits Local Club

District 35-L Governor, Lion Larry Hopkins, speaks to Lions and guests.

Florida Lions District 35-L Governor Larry Hopkins visited Live Oak Lions Tuesday to meet with local members at their noon time meeting. Governor Hopkins gave an inspiring talk regarding the spirit and meaning of being a LION in the community and how the change from traditional values to those of our “modern” society is affecting the ability to attract new members willing to participate in or even understand the personal rewards and character building of taking time to help others truly needing help. 

Governor Hopkins identified and complimented members Chris Fry, Coy Howell, David Mullis, and John Wiggins as being true examples of the Lion Motto “We Serve” due to their dependability and work toward making the local community service club a success and their willingness to take time to help fellow Lions grow in Lionism.

Lion President Chris Fry thanks District Governor Hopkins for visiting and speaking 


 Zone Chair Lion David Mullis presented award by Newberry Lions Club President for club rebuilding assistance and individual support of Newberry community youth art competition/exibition.



            Jeff Scott                                                                                               Host Lion Bob Dawson

The Changing Role of Your Local Pharmacist 
       Jeff Scott of Cheek and Scott Drugs gave a very interesting presentation pertaining to the little publicized government mandated changes in the relationship between doctors, pharmacies, insurance providers and government regulators due to increasing direct intervention and control by the current federal government of everyone’s individual’s personal healthcare options. The result has been to create a few large agencies charging billions of dollars in "managing fees" to run the the federalized program. Of particular interest was discussion about the government’s present push and designs to centralize insurance and care into a very few patient case management groups, and also to cause pharmacies to become more involved as direct health providers of traditionally doctor provided care.

     Mr. Scott described a new futuristic concept already available that he has recently seen demonstrated whereby a nationwide networked system is developed and prescriptions can reviewed, recorded and considered/approved and filled via a “vending machine” linked to a centralized national site without any need for involvement by a live local pharmacist.

A very interesting program indeed !.


Suwannee County’s Florida Department of Health Administrator Speaks at Lions Club Meeting

                           LION JD Curls                                   Kerry Waldron

     Administrator of the Health Department in Suwannee County,  Kerry Waldron, was the guest speaker at the latest regular noon time Live Oak Lions Club meeting.  Mr. Waldron provided interesting as well as informative updates about the health department’s modifications and its activities over the past year and information about the numerous medical and health related services available for the county’s citizens.

    Several Lions recalled that when they were a child the “health department” was simply a place to go to get immunizations. However, the organization’s activities now cover a multitude of different subjects, but the mission statement is simple:”To protect, promote & improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, local & community efforts.”  Most of their activities are “off the screen” and thus a large part of the general population is not aware of their involvement in providing a variety of health services.  Some of the numerous programs and services provided  or coordinated for the benefit of Suwannee residents include: Family Planning, Dental Health, Immunizations, HIV/AIDS testing & counseling and referral, TB testing and care, Communicable Disease Surveillance, Breast &  Cervical Cancer Screenings, Chronic Disease Care, STD, Women Infant & Children Services, School Health, OB Care, Teen Outreach, Vital Statistics (birth certificates),environmental , prepared food sanitation(restaurant inspections), Public Health Preparedness, and others.

    Anyone seeking information or service availability can inquire at Florida Department of Health in Suwannee County, 915 Nobles Ferry Road, Live Oak, Florida 32064.  Phone: 386-362-2708


635 Used Eyeglasses Collected and Donated

PDG Lion Pat Hall receives 635 glasses from Lion Presidnt Chris Fry

   Lions make good use of old eyeglasses.  Every year hundreds of people in Suwannee County get new eyeglasses.  The old ones usually go into a drawer with the idea of the old pair being a "back-up" set but most of the time they are never used. Over the years most people just let them accumulate until they are finally discarded as clutter. Yet in many areas of the world people have never had the opportunity to get even one set of eyeglasses... in their entire life. What is their life like?  Remember trying to do ordinary things without your glasses for a short while when you break or lose them? That is their life.

      Lions for any years have valued these old discarded glasses as opportunities to provide sight to millions of people around the world who otherwise would never know the blessing of clear vision.  The old glasses are collected, refurbished, optically measured, cataloged, and sent everywhere, US and abroad, to be issued by Lion volunteer professionals to needy communities, disaster relief areas, and mission trips.  All is done by volunteers.  This year the local high school LEO assisted in the project by organizing a glasses collection drive in the schools for fellow students to donate.

 If you have some glasses you would like to donate simply notify or give them to any Live Oak Lion member.



Dr. Cheryl S. James, Executive Director of Development and External Affairs/PIO

Visits Live Oak Lions Club        

Dr. Cheryl James and Lion John Wiggins host
   Guest speaker for the Lions Club’s June 09 meeting was Dr. Cheryl S. James, Executive Director of Development and External Affairs/PIO for NFCC.  Dr. James updated the members on the growth and outreach programs of North Florida Community College into area communities including the activities of the NFCC Foundation.  It was noted that NFCC was recently ranked by Washington Monthly as one of the top community colleges in the country. The college serves approximately 3000 students from our north Florida area.  Interestingly many students are not “straight out of high school”.  Instead a high percentage are in their mid-twenties or older. They have recognized a need to improve their lives which includes a need to improve academic skills for job advancement opportunities or a totally new career.
                Dr. James reviewed the North Florida Community College Foundation and its it's activities to change lives and launch futures of students. Last year contributions to the NFCC Foundation from area individuals, business, and organizations amounted to approximately $200,000, and they enabled 248 scholarships to enable students needing financial aid for completing their educational opportunity.  It was noted in the meeting that several Lions present had attended NFCC at some point in their past.
                Anyone interested in learning more about the Foundation activities or in becoming a NFCC Foundation contributing member can contact Dr. James  850-973-9416.  As Dr. James explained, new contributors to the foundation are welcomed and appreciated.  Some individuals may hesitate to become a contributing member due to their thinking that contributions have to be big amounts. To the contrary,  gifts don’t have to be large…. most aren’t!      Each gift to the Foundation, no matter the amount, represents not simply an investment in the future of North Florida Community College, but more so it is an investment in the future of the students from your community.

May 26 2015

Lions Club 53rd Senior Awards Banquet

Live Oak & Branford Academic Top 10% Seniors Recognized


Suwannee High School   Front L-R: Megan Ellis, Kevin Herron, Alora Cummings, Rebecca Perry, Danielle Hurst,Grace Law, Nick Torres, Lily Wyche, Jonathan Haney, Retrina Roberts. Back L-R: Gary Sansone, Krysta Bailey, Cheyenne Warner, Darian Linder, Trevor Ross, Brandon Furry, Tim Carter, Matthew Hendrick. Missing: JaShari Blige, Wyatt Jackson, Darian Scott, Cody Turner, Darrah Lane,Madeline Marler, Ryan Brantley, Haley Snipes.


Branford High School  L-R:  Lauren Suggs, Victoria Throckmorton, Cheyenne Thompson, Cheyenne Rucker, Katie White, Ashley Horn    Missing: Katie Lloyd


    Continuing a tradition that the Live Oak Lions Club in Suwannee County began 53 years ago to recognize graduating seniors for their academic accomplishments and to honor their proud parents the 2015 Annual Senior Awards Banquet was held on May 26 at the Live Oak Church of God.

   To be invited to the event and receive recognition graduating seniors have to be in the top 10% of their graduating class.  This year’s group of students was composed of 26 from Suwannee High School and 8 from Branford High School. There were 120 student, parents and guests attending this year despite the weather and the needed rain that came with it.

   MC, Lion Adam Hitt called the program to order.  After opening comments,  Pledge of Allegiance, singing “America the Beautiful” and Invocation  everyone enjoyed a delicious buffet meal prepared and professionally served by  students of the  Branford Culinary Arts Department who did a great job under the direction of their instructor, Ms.  Juliana Dees.

   Following the meal Lion John Wiggins introduced the event speaker, Rev. Dr. Shawn Johnson, First Baptist Church of Dowling Park.  Rev. Johnson gave an enjoyable, challenging and inspiring message to the guests of honor and their parents.

   Branford and Suwannee students were then individually recognized.  Certificates of Achievement were individually presented to each Branford High senior by Mr. Jimmy Wilkerson, Branford High School Principal, and Adam Hitt, Lions Club President.   Next Ms. Tammy Boggus, Suwannee High Assistant Principal of Curriculum, and Lion Adam Hitt awarded each Suwannee High Senior their certificate.

   Following the presentations and benediction the ceremony was adjourned and then those group success- at- last memory photos were made.

   The Lions Club expressed a sincere thank you to Lion Terry Mills, Suwannee High Instructor, for planning and coordinating the annual event for the past several years, to the loyal supporters at both schools, to individuals such as Ms. Marilyn Sapp who prepared all the certificates and invitations, and to all the other behind -the- scene contributors and volunteers.

   The recognition of these young Suwannee County academic achievers was made possible by community supporting business sponsors:  Thank You!  First Federal Bank of Florida, Farm Bureau Insurance, and North Florida Printing. 









Rev. Dr. Shawn Johnson



Good Job



Ms. Dees & Branford Culinary Arts Crew



Cleanup time

Cleanup time --- Terry Mills does floors too!



Suwannee High LEO Club Has Pizza with LIONS  

             Tuesday, May 12, 2015 was an interesting day for some LEO Club members. They quietly entered a room containing and being watched by several pacing, hungry looking Lions, but in a few minutes all were devouring 10 large pizzas.  After the pizzas they stayed and participated with the Lions in various other activities.

These “Lions” were not wild, fearsome 4 legged cats.  Actually they were fairly docile, were 2 legged, and are members of the local Live Oak Lions Club.

Lions and Leos enjoy pizza time. 

     The occasion was multi-purposed.  One was to have a shared LIONS and LEO get together meeting at which the young people could observe an “official” Lions business meeting.  Various reports were given, and 3 new Lion members were inducted.  The Lion Club members also wanted to use the occasion to thank the Leo members for assisting them and helping their community this year by volunteering to work at the Lion Club’s concession stand at the Suwannee County Fair. This is the Lion’s main fundraiser.  Funds raised from fund raisers are used to provide assistance to area sight and hearing disadvantaged citizens and to support positive citizenship involvement by our community’s youth. No proceeds collected from community fund raisers are used to operate the club.

Another purpose of the meeting was for the LEO Club to present to the Lions the results of their own community project, an eyeglass collection drive project that they conducted during the past few weeks. They did a great job and collected 200 pairs of glasses!  The participation by donors, student and adult, was excellent.  These used glasses will be refurbished, catalogued and made available by Lions District 35-L and Lions International to poverty stricken/disaster areas anywhere in the world.   The meeting concluded with the Lions traditional Salute: “Not Above You- Not Beneath You –But With You”

    Terry Mills LEO Club Advisor(L) and Lion President Adam Hitt (R) presented LEO President, Chelsa Croft a 100 % LEO President Award for meeting all the year’s requirements of a Leo President.


Lion President, Adam Hitt does not want to relinquish his podium to anyone. Lions do have term limits for their officers.

Lions Jack Lewellyn, Wyman Clark, and Chris Fry figure out how to set up a table. Sometimes three heads are better than one, but not always ..... according to witnesses.


3 New Members Installed at the May 12, Lion Leo Meeting.
Membership Chair, Lion John Wiggins; New Lion Larry Rossignol; New Lion Jon Curls; Lion President Adam Hitt  (New Member Joe Chamberlain missing)




LIONS Learn About Digital Vision Enhancement Devices

                Local resident JoAnna Neely was the guest presenter at the local Lion Club’s February 10 noon meeting.  She gave a very interesting program about the challenges people with limited sight have with routine activities and the new technological devices available to help them.  Ms. Neely related to the group the story of her growing up in Suwannee County as she gave a very informative demonstration of the advancements in technology and the functionality of modern electronic aids.  She indicated that the local LIONS Club had provided her with her first reader back in 1976. The modern portable hand held visual-to-auditory digital readers were amazing to observe in actual use.  Although their capabilities seemed like “science fiction” Ms. Neely’s hands-on demonstrations using her personal devices proved they are real and available today.

L-R: Lion Mike Johnson, JoAnna Neely, Lyndon Fortner (JoAnna's dad), Lion Adam Hitt



Lions Volunteer


LIONS Share Food

   with Community Families

Several club members volunteered to spread some Christmas joy and give back to their community.  A variety of staple food items were purchased  and packed  into numerous  Publix “Food for Sharing” bags. Then on December 22 (during a downpour) wet Lions made deliveries to the Pregnancy Care Center and the Vivid Visions office for the benefit of some area families.     Despite the rain everyone had a fun time …. and despite some concern…. no one melted!

Pregnancy Care Center L-R: Lions Wyman Clark, John Wiggins, David Mullis, Vickie Hicks, Director Live Oak Pregnancy Care Center; Lions Homer Scroggin,  Mike Johnson, Wyatt O’Neal


Vivid Visions
Back Row: Lions  David Mullis, Mike Johnson, Wyman Clark, John Wiggins, Wyatt O’Neal  Front Row: Vivid Visions Arnold Philmore, Prevention Co-ordinator; Alma Mendez Program Director; Joan Latreille, Records



November 11,2014

L-R 1st Vice Governor Larry Hopkins, Diane Melnick, District 35-L Governor, Bob Melnick.
Visiting with the Live Oak Lions Club at the November 11 meeting were Florida LIONS District 35L Governor, Lion Robert Melnick, accompanied by his wife Lion Diane Melnick, Ocala 200 Lions Membership Chair; and 1st Vice District Governor, Lion Larry Hopkins.
Governor Melnick reviewed the progress being made by Lions locally, across Florida, and around the world including the eradication of measles in impoverished countries. The Governor presented Governor's pins to new members of the local club and complimented the local club on it's community activities and membership gains this year.  The Live Oak Club was complimented for having added 5 new Lions members this year.
Lions clubs exist around the world and are composed of 1.3 million community service minded members.

October 2014
Serving at Florida Sheriff’s  Ranch Open House & Homecoming
The Lions Motto is: We Serve.   In October several of our Live Oak Lions served by serving BBQ and all the fixings at the annual youth ranch homecoming.  Helping out at this event has been an enjoyable community service activity opportunity for our local Lions members for many years.
      GOOD JOB !

July 08, 2014
LIONS Learn Do’ & Don’ts in Involving Electrical Safety
SVEC Foreman, Craig Ragan gives some live wire demonstrations
SVEC Mark Mosley, Safety Director; Lion David Jordan, SVEC Craig Ragan, Line Foreman
     An enjoyable and informative do and don’t program concerning the electrical hazards was given by Suwannee Valley Electric Co-op’s Craig Ragan, Lineman Foreman and Mark Mosely, Safety Director.  They gave graphic demonstrations illustrating the dangerous and potentially deadly hazards involved in situations and incidents that people expose themselves to when trying to move work or traverse around downed electrical lines.
Best practice: Stay Away from downed lines and Do Not  Attempt to move downed wires, even those you think aren't live .... instead call the power company.


T o u r n a m e n t   W i n n e r s
Lion Wyatt O’Neal (L) presents prizes to winners 
First Place  Randy Squires and Jack McClellan
2nd Place  Hank Lloyd and Kevin Greene        3rd Place Reggie Byrd and Reyn Carmichael

1 0  f o r  1 0 W i n n e r s
1st: Earl Leavitt   2nd: Jock Hash  3rd: Norman Freeston

 Publix Gift Card Winner Kevin Greene (L)
We thank our business sponsors for making this a Successful Community Fund Raiser Event. We appreciate their contributions. They will appreciate our patronage.  Also each of our loyal individual contributors and participants are invaluable to the success of activities like this.
Funds acquired from the public by LIONS Club's community fund raiser activities or donations are not used for the support nor maintenance of the club or its members. It is returned to the public through community service projects. The club is maintained by member dues.




Lions Clubs International is the world's largest service club organization with more than 1.4 million members in approximately 46,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas around the world.

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