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Volunteer Work - Interfaith Food Bank

Lion Alex Onody who is a Knights of Columbus member and although I am not, he introduced me to the volunteer work at the Interfaith Food Bank shortly after I retired from my banking career.  I’ve volunteered there now coming on 2 years and really enjoy the work assigned to me.  Although there were several men coming in on Wednesday mornings for a couple of hours, being that the average age for them was probably 80+.  Due to that age category and being more susceptible in contacting Covid they have stayed away and I have been the only one coming in on Wednesdays.  My job mainly is stocking their shelves to allow speeding up in making up the food hampers by two other individuals which is mainly their job.  By having the shelves filled with the food requirements they are able to pick the foods off the shelves rather than going around to find them when the shelves are empty. This can be done in a quicker stream line manner.  The people I have met through working there are great and I will continue doing that while I can. Food coming in has to be separated (category wise by other) which in turn allows me to put them on the proper shelves.  Hours of work are recorded as when funding is required through government grants they have proof of hours volunteered by individuals.

Lion Zenon Hawryliw

Volunteer Work - Whoop Up Drive and Coulee Clean Up

The following is a quote by Justin Seward of the Lethbridge Herald: "If you see a soon-to-be 90-year old guy with a cowboy hat scouring Whoop Up Drive and the nearby coulees to clean up the trash, then you've seen Alex Onody."  Alex said to Justin Seward that: "This is my  community here." "So I'm picking it up in my community." "He plans to keep cleaning the area as long as he can still walk." Curtis Goodman of the Helen Schuler Nature Centre said: "Anybody that commutes that stretch sees the benefits of his stewardship. I think there's thousands of people that beenfit. So I am so appreciative of his involvement and the work that he does, and his care and concern." 

Thank-you Lion Alex for being an awesome steward of the coulee environment and a great example of a Lion member of our club.


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