Thank You Lake Gaston for supporting our first (but not last) Chili Cook-off!
Your votes decided who had the very best chili. Congratulations to our Cook-off winner, Lion Kevin Johnson. Regardless of where each of our 10 hard-working contestants placed, it was quite clear that..
"If you ain’t got NO beans in your chili, you ain’t got no chance of winning. . .
What fun and for a very good cause...helping the Blind and Visually Impaired.
Thanks LKG



This week we screened students for vision problems at 2 great Warren County Schools - Mariam Boyd Elementary and Vaughn Elementary. Too much for one post, so this one's all about Mariam Boyd Elementary School. Our top pic is 1st Grader, Clay, getting his eyes checked out with our high tech, very expensive eye screening camera. Clay's younger sister, Star ⭐️ is in pre-K and boy did she do great for her first time getting screened. Maybe Clay told her what to expect? And Clay, don't feel bad that younger sister Star got 2 separate pics into this post... We just needed to check out Star's eyes both with and without her glasses. Just like we do for every child who wears glasses. Even with glasses, children's eyes can change very, very fast. In which case, New Glasses will make a Big Difference. DID YOU KNOW THAT the LKG Lions refer about 1 out of every 4 children that we screen to the Eye Doctor??? Make sure your School has permission for your Child's eyes to be screened. If they can't see well, Learning will be Difficult.
There is no cost to the schools. The screening teams are all members of the Lake Gaston Lions Club, and their time is voluntary. This is made possible through generous grants and donations. Thank you to all those that support the Lake Gaston Lions Club!!


Lion Gene screens Clay's eyes. Clay is in 1st Grade.
Lion Gene Finch shows off our new, very high tech and very expensive eye screening camera.
Clay's younger sister, Star, is in pre-K and is getting her eyes screened for the first time.
Another pic of pre-K student Star getting her eyes screened. Notice Star is being screened both with and without her glasses. We gotta know if they are working!!
Lion Gene Finch had a moment between students to check Teacher Janie Cutts' vision as Lion Gary Herbert and Lion Ray Brassley prepare the vision reports that will be given to the School Nurse.
The Mariam Boyd Vision Team! (L to R) Larry Java, Gary Herbert, Gene Finch, Nurse Mia Taylor-Terry, Principal Kendra Davis, and Ray Brassley


At the Lake Gaston Lions Club Seafood Festival last month, our Generous Supporters donated $1,576 to our famous "Tip Jar". We told You that we'd use the $ to help the Visually Impaired. We did... The Lions Club even matched the Tip Jar monies and purchased 9 smart WeWalk canes ( ). We will soon be giving these canes out, along with training and support, to those blind and visually impaired who would benefit. The WeWalk cane and integrated smartphone app provide GPS guidance and destination memory along with obstacle alerts via haptic (touch) feedback or sonar alerts, all managed via a hands-free voice or integrated touchpad interface. The Lake Gaston Lions Club is amongst only a handful of pioneering Lions Clubs starting to provide these advanced tech walking canes to the Blind and Visually Impaired Community. Our SEAFOOD FESTIVAL FANS make this possible... THANK YOU! See You next Year, Saturday October 5th...


The Lake Gaston Lions Club Cookbook

Embark on a culinary adventure with the Lake Gaston Lions Club Cookbook, a culinary masterpiece crafted by our very own community. Bursting with flavor, each recipe is a testament to the heart and soul of Lake Gaston, with many dishes contributed by local residents. As you flip through the pages, you may find familiar names, showcasing the diverse talents and flavors that make our community unique.

By purchasing this cookbook, you're not only bringing a wealth of delightful recipes into your kitchen but also supporting a cause that resonates with our community's spirit. The Lake Gaston Lions Club operates on 100% volunteers, and the funds raised from this cookbook directly fuel programs for the visually impaired, vision screenings in schools, diabetes awareness, and more.

Take a culinary journey through the stories and flavors of Lake Gaston. Purchase a cookbook today, and savor the tastes of home while making a meaningful contribution to the well-being of our community. Your kitchen will be filled with not just incredible recipes but also the warmth of shared community bonds.

Lake Gaston Lions Attend Zone 5 Conference
In District 31S, there are a total of 10 Zones, and one of them is Zone 5, which encompasses the Lake Gaston, Warrenton, Littleton, Seaboard, and Jackson Lions Clubs. On the memorable date of September 14, 2023, the Jackson Lions Club proudly hosted the Zone 5 conference, which drew an impressive attendance of 22 Lions. This conference was a special occasion, as it brought together representatives from all five clubs within the zone.

Lake Gaston Lions Club Donates School Supplies to Northampton County Schools

The Lake Gaston Lions Club is a dedicated group of individuals who are passionate about serving their community. With a focus on improving the lives of those in need, the club engages in various philanthropic activities, including supporting local schools, providing vision care for those in need, and contributing to the overall well-being of Lake Gaston and its surrounding areas.

Central Elementary

Each Year, we do eye Eye Screenings for their students. But there is more to be done. The Lake Gaston Lions Club just donated $1,000 worth of school supplies to Central Elementary and Conway Middle Schools in Northampton County thanks to the generosity of Lion Kevin Johnson.

At Central Elementary (Left Photo), School Counselor Kashek Vaughan and Coach Cameron Phillips accepted the School Supplies with enthusiasm and gratitude. (L to R it's Lion Dolores Raneri, Coach Cameron, Counselor Kaskek, and Lions Kevin Johnson, James Jancso, and Gene Finch.

Conway Middle School also received a generous donation, accepted appreciatively by School Counselor Tamiaya Allen, Kathy Powell, Diana Warren, and Tiffany Gant-Shepard. They extend their sincere thanks to the Lake Gaston Lions Club for their generosity and commitment to student success. (right photo)

Get involved. Become a Lion. We Serve.

Conway Middle School 

Lake Gaston Lions Club (LGLC) - Supports "The Crossing"
16 Volunteers representing the LGLC participated in this year's Lake Gaston "The Crossing."
"The Crossing" is organized by the Lake Gaston Regional Chamber of Commerce.

SUSAF - Purple Heart Honor Hunt Sponsorship

Each year, Lake Gaston Lions help our friends at "Support US Armed Forces" (SUSAF) host a marriage retreat at the Lions Den for our recently deployed Vets. Lions love helping to make this amazing event happen!

Did you know SUSAF also takes Purple Hearts on a signature hunting trip. Now that's awesome! Consider helping a Purple Heart Combat Wounded Veteran, or just check out some of the cool things our friends at SUSAF do..

Red Cross Blood Drive
On June 14th, the Lake Gaston Lions Club hosted yet another highly successful Red Cross blood drive. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the generous individuals who came forward to donate. Lake Gaston, you truly are number one! Your unwavering support allows us to make a significant impact, not just within our community but also beyond. We take immense pride in contributing to the Red Cross's vital service work. As a token of appreciation, every donor received a complimentary Red Cross beach towel. Thank you once again for your selflessness and dedication

Lake Gaston Lions Club Attends the Memorable Picnic Supper hosted by the Pilot Lions Club

Lake Gaston Lions Club members and their families enjoyed a delightful picnic supper hosted by the Pilot Lions Club before the Carolina Mudcats vs. The Down East Wood Ducks game at Five County Stadium in Zebulon, NC. We are grateful for the Pilot Lions Club's hospitality and the unity they represent.

Lake Gaston Lions Club 2023 Seafood Festival

Preparing for the festival starts early in the year.

Booth Maintenance and Repair


Safety Training (Fire Extinguisher Training)

Click here to watch the slideshow

Lion Teresa Boone

Lion Lorraine Bull

Lion Wayne Bull

Lion James Jancso

Lion Scott Miller

Lion Ken Myrick

Lion Chris Osen

Lion Dolores Raneri

Lion Dwight Stephens

Lion Philip Weigel

Lori Weitzel


Community Cupboard (work in progress)

Click here to view the slideshow


LKG 911 Community Task Force
CPR and First-Aid Workshop
On April 20th, the LKG 911 Community Task Force held another successful CPR and First-Aid Workshop at the Lions Den. Participants had the opportunity to practice their new CPR skills on child, adult, and dog manikins.
No prior knowledge of CPR and First Aid is required to attend these workshops!


Back Row: Margaret Best,  Debbie Tripp, Kim Overman, Peggy Benton, Lion Ken Myrick
Front Row: Susan Merchant, Dan Dowless, Georgia Holder

Red Cross Blood Drive

April 11th, 2023 was great. Thanks for an awesome Blood Drive! Our Lions team says... You're #1 Lake Gaston! We're proud to help the Red Cross in this critically important service work for our community and beyond. And Hey, the free T-shirts from the Red Cross were definitely pretty "Cool" too. Lions...We Serve



Roanoke-Wildwood Volunteer Fire Auxiliary Bingo

On April 13th, 2023, Lions from the Lake Gaston Lions Club (LGLC) had an amazing time at the Roanoke-Wildwood Volunteer Fire Auxiliary Bingo! As Lions, we're not only contributing back to our Community but also enjoying some quality team time together. Ready, Set, Bingo! All proceeds from Bingo night help support the Roanoke Wildwood Volunteer Fire Department and their Auxilliary as they work to support our Community.



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