The Lake Gaston Lions Club Unites to Defeat Diabetes

Last month's posting addressed "What is diabetes?" This month, let's learn about the four types of diabetes.
Type One: Caused by genetics, environmental factors, and toxins affecting a fetus before birth. Little or no insulin is present in the body to manage blood sugar. This type usually affects children, teens or young adults. Not preventable. No cure accounts for 5% of all cases.
Type Two: Risks are prediabetes, overweight, 45 years or older, family history, lack of exercise, if had gestational diabetes. Type two diabetes affects mainly adults. However, increasing in children due to obesity. Most common type and there is no cure.
Gestational Diabetes: Develops in pregnancy and is caused by too much weight gain, a history of type two diabetes, women of color and native Americans. This can predispose women to type two diabetes.
Prediabetes: Is a severe health condition with higher blood sugar levels than normal. If left unchecked, eventually, without lifestyle changes, 15-30% will develop type two in 2-5 years. Causes are overweight, poor eating habits and inactivity.
Diabetes has become a serious health problem. There are 37 million diagnosed cases in the US, 96 million with prediabetes (81% our unaware). Take good care of your health and avoid becoming a statistic.
Please check our website often to become aware for the sake of your family and friends.

We won't sugarcoat the facts.

FREE training to SAVE LIVES.  The LKG 911 Community Task Force CPR & First-Aid Workshops occur April 20 at 10AM-noon at the Lake Gaston Lions Club 139 Stanley Rd. Henrico NC 27842.  Please register no later than the week before the class by contacting Peggy Benton via email or at 252-308-9588.  This is not a certification course and there is no testing. Join us in life-saving skills to act during a medical emergency.  Practice on child, adult and dog manikins to test technique learned.


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