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Lions KidSight USA


Lions KidSight USA is a nation-wide program bringing Lions clubs across the country together to ensure our children receive eye screenings and follow-up care when needed.
According to educational experts, 80% of learning is visual. If children can’t see well, they will have more difficulty learning.
1-in-3 young children have poor but correctable vision - often just needing eyeglasses.

Lake Gaston Lions Club - Vision Programs - Eye Screening

Number of Students and Faculty
Screened Since Inception 
(Number Lasted Updated: 20221213)


Committee Chairs

Chairperson Co-Chairperson
Gene Finch Gary Herbert


Committee Members and Certified Vision Screeners

James Jancso
Dolores Raneri

Committee Members

Mark Bateman Jim Bersch Kathy Everhart  
Scott Miller Joe Mullen Clarence Powell  

Here are the results from a few of our current screenings.

Central Elementary
December 7, 2022
Left to Right: Ray Brassley,
Dolores Raneri, Gene Finch,
Mitzi Taylor, James Jancso
137 students and 2 faculty were screened
Students               pass       Referred          Total
Age 5-11                106           31                   137
Referral rate 22.6%

Northside Pre-K and Elementary
November 17, 2022
Back Row Left to Right: Nurse Edna Harqnue, Nurse Barbara Espinosa, Nurse Mia Terry
Front Row Left to Right: James Jancso, Dolores Raneri, Linda Brassley, Ray Brassley
71 students and 9 faculty were screened
Students               pass       Referred          Total
Age 4-10                49             22                   71
Faculty                    12               9                   21
Referral rate 31%

Chaloner Middle School
October 26, 2022

Following volunteers assisted at Chaloner Middle School
Crystal Tudor RN
James Jancso - LGLC                             Mark Bateman - LGLC
Bill Mckee - RRLC                                   Greg Troy - RRLC

158 Students were screened
Students               pass       Referred          Total
Age 12-14            106         53                    159

Referral rate 33%
Weldon Middle School
Weldon NC
October 24, 2022
     Nurse : Teresa Williams
     Bill McKee - Roanoke Rapids Lions Club
     Dolores Raneri - Lake Gaston Lions Club
     James Jancso - Lake Gaston Lions Club
65 Students and 6 teachers were screened, for a total of 71 people.
Referral for Students is 41.5%
Referral for Teachers is 33%
                          Pass         Referred    Total
Age 10-13          38             27                 65
Teachers            4                 2                   6
Total                   42             29                 71

Weldon Elementary School
October 21, 2022
Left to Right: Sharika Gray RN,
Bill McKee,Lion Dolores Raneri,
Lion James Jancso, Angela Easter  Principal

63 Students and 21 teachers were screened, for a total of 84 people.

Referral for students is 30%
Referral for teachers is 28%
                              Pass       referred            Total
age 3-5                  6                 2                    8
age  6-10             38               17                  55
Total Students      44              19                   63
Teachers              15                6                    21

Belmont Elementary School
Roanoke Rapids, NC
October 19, 2022
Left to Right: Bill McKee, Diane Sawyer, James Jancso, Dolores Raneri
Age group 6 - 11
124 Passed, 54 Referred, 178 total
30% Referred


Lions Club Calendar Sales

A cash Calendar is a 6-month calendar that is sold for a $10 donation. Money is paid out to the purchaser on each day (from $20 to $400) depending on the day of the month. Only 1000 calendars are sold by the Lake Gaston Lions, and each is designated with a three-digit number. Each night the NC lottery picks a pick three number the purchaser of that numbered calendar will win the money listed for that day. You can win as many times as the number comes up in the 6 months. The funds raised go to fund our Vision Screening Program, where he can support families in need to help the children's eyes.

Calendars are sold 2 months before the start of each 6 month around (Jan 1 and July 1) 

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