Special Anniversary Life Membership to
Lions Foundation of Canada
A member who has maintained active membership as a Lion for 20 years or more and has rendered outstanding service to their Club, Community or this Association for 15 years or more. This award is provided by the Lions Club International. Members who have received this award include:
Lion Rolly Simard for 36 years of service (2018)
Lion Bob Lesko for 30+ years of service (2018)
Lion Mel Mitchell for 47 years of service (2018)
Lion Len Woodworth for 18 years of service (2018)
Lion Bonnie Popowich for 28 years of service (2018)

Hope Medals

The Hope Medal is offered by the Lions Eye-Bank of Manitoba, which is located in Winnipeg, and facilitates corneal transplants for those who are legally blind. "Hope" is the medal's name and it is an acronym meant to remind us of the following:
How many diseases, or how many disabilities and pain must a child or person endure in fear? Next is the...

Obligation we have together to extend our hand and help with pride to make a dream or hope a reality, even for one life. Next is the...

Passion and compassion, which conquers the reason for fears and torture; "they cry for help but shed no tear." Last is the...
Embrace the little heroes, when they smile we inherit their delight, we reap their laughter of happiness. It is then we can truly say:                   
"We serve - we've done well."
  Recipients include:
Lion Rod Demoline - 2001
Lion Cliff Franklin 2002
Lion Dale Hiscock - 2003
Lion  Dave Meyers - 2004
Lion Violet Enns-Preston - 2005     
Lion Roland Simard - 2006
Lion Bob Lesko - 2007
Lion Harold Ott - 2008
Lion Gerry Kachur - 2008
Lion Bonnie Popowich - 2009
Lion Bill Russell - 2009
Lion Mel Mitchell - 2009
Lion Pat Woodworth - 2010
Lion Craig Maxwell - 2010
Mr Rudi Gretchman - Journey for Sight Rider 2010 
Lion Mike Roy - 2012 
Lion Marie McKelvey - 2012
Lion Bev Simard - 2012
Lion Len Woodworth - 2012
Lion Donna Tschetter - 2013
Lion Daryl Popowich - 2013
Lion Daryll Hyslop - 2014
Lion Agnes Morrison - 2014
Lion Jim Morrison - 2015
PDG Nick Bessem - 2015
Lion Hanna Juenke - 2016
Lion Greg Gerbrandt - 2017
Lion Brandi Habing - 2017
Lion Lisa Plischke - 2017
Lion Barry Richardson - 2017
Lion Pamela Habing - 2018
 Judge Brian Stevenson Awards
To recognize outstanding Lions and other deserving recipients, P.I.P. Brian Stevenson has endorsed this fellowship. This recognition is one of the greatest honors that can be bestowed in Lionism. The fellowship medal should be treated as recognition of achievement or involvement. Your personally designed presentation ceremony must honor the chosen person and his accomplishments.
The Judge Brian Stevenson Fellowship Medal is not available for personal purchase, but can only be obtained upon sponsorship by a club, district, multiple district, or a person who wishes to honor a deserving individual.
Recipients include:
Lion Bonnie Popowich
John Usakis
Lion Dale Hiscock
Lion Bill McKelvey
Lion Beverley Simard
Lion Daryl Preston
Lion Marie McKelvey
Lion Daryll Hyslop - 2013
Lion Len Woodworth - 2015
Lion Brandi Habing - 2018

 Melvin Jones Fellowship Awards

The Melvin Jones Fellowship if LCIF’s highest honor and it acknowledges an individual’s commitment to humanitarian service. Fellowship donations are largely responsible for successfully launching the Lions’ aggressive global attack on preventable and curable blindness – the LCIF SightFirst program. 
Lions International recognizes outstanding individuals by bestowing on them an award that is named for its founder, Melvin Jones.  This Fellowship Award (LCIF) is the highest form of recognition and embodies humanitarian ideas consistent with the nature and purpose of Lionism.  The recipient of this award becomes a model because of the exemplary service to his club and the community for which it serves.
Recipients include:
 Lion Harold Ott
Lion Nick Bessem - 1991
Lion TC Williams - 1995
Lion Bob McKay - 1997
Lion Norman Weiss - 1997
Lion Steve Tobac - 1997
Lion Richard  Burt - 1997 
Lion Roland Simard -2004
Lion Dick Campbell - 2006
Lion Norman Scott - 2006
Lion Mel Mitchell - 2006
  Lion Violet Enns-Preston - 2008
Lion Dave Meyers - 2008
Lion Daryll Hyslop -2009
   Lion Bob Lesko - 2009
   Lion Len Woodworth - 2010
Cliff Zarecki - 2010
Lion Dale Hiscock - 2011
Lion Bill Russell - 2011
Lion BonniePopowich - 2012
Lion Pat Woodworth - 2012
Lion Mike Roy - 2013
Lion Bill McKelvey - 2013
Lion Bev Simard - 2014
Lion Gerry Kachur - 2014
Lion Darryl Popowich - 2015
Lion Hanna Juenke - 2018

Stew Peever Memorial Award
Every year, the Lions Eye Bank of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario bestows the Stew Peever Memorial Award. This award was named after Lion Stewart Peever, who died suddenly in 1986. Lion Stew was dedicated to eye banking and tissue donation. In honor of Lion Stew, and award has been set up recognize a Lions member who has made an outstanding contribution to the work of Lions Eye Bank of Manitoba & Northwest Ontario.
Recipients include:
    Lion Harold Ott - 2010
Lion Nick Bessem - 2018
 Lions Foundation of Canada Fellowship Award

The Lions Foundation of Canada oversees and funds all of the Lions Service Dog Programs in Canada which help individuals who may suffer from blindness, loss of hearing, mobility challenges, seizures or autism. The service dogs are provided at no cost to the recipients and the dogs always go forward willingly in their mission to serve others to the best of their capability.
The Lions Foundation of Canada Fellowship Award is given to a Lion who, like the service dogs, gives their assistance willingly and without reservation; a model Lion who consistently provides excellent service to their Club or to the Lions Foundation of Canada.
Recipients include:
 Lion Violet Enns-Preston
Lion Irene Maslow
Lion Don Hutton
Lion Gerry Kachur
Lion Mike Roy 
Lion Greg Short - 2015
Lion Pamela Habing - 2016
Lion Nora Roy - 2017
Lion Haifa Selo - 2017
Lion Dianne Smith - 2018
Leslie Joyce - 2019
Kim Bruneau - 2019
Joel Spearman - 2019
 International President’s Appreciation Award
was presented to
Lion Violet Enns-Preston - 2010

Ben Ward Fellowship Award

The Lions Hearing Foundation offers the J.B. “Ben” Ward Fellowship Award as a way to honor those Lions who serve in a special capacity. The Ben Ward Fellowship award is given to a long serving and dependable Lion; one who continues to actively serve and lead, often in a quiet and unassuming manner and one who consistently provides excellent service to the club or to the Lions Hearing Foundation of Manitoba.

Recipients include:
Lion Bob Lesko - 2015

Lions Medal of Merit

The Lions Medal of Merit is awarded to a special community citizen in recognition for acts of heroism, humanitarianism, or outstanding community contribution.

Recipients include:


Lion Rolly Simard - August 2015

Lion Greg Short - April 2017

Bonnie Popowich - 2019

The Lions Cancer Care Award

The Manitoba Lions Cancer Care initiative is aimed at assisting those who are afflicted with cancer. It helps in covering costs associated with the purchase of specialty items and helps in covering travel expenses incurred while seeking any special care required.

The Lions Cancer Care Award is presented as a way to honor those Lions who have served in a special capacity in combating the scourge of cancer, or who have served to help those afflicted. 

The presentation of the Lions Cancer Care Award is given to a dedicated and dependable Lion who has or continues to actively serve and lead in this area of service to the community.

Recipients include:

Lion Mitch Bruneau - 2016

Heart of a Lion Award

The Heart of a Lion Award is for 5M11 Lions that meet a robust set of criteria. In order to be eligible for this award, a Lion must have: attended a Zone Meeting; attended 5M11 Convention; served as a Club officer or District Cabinet Chairperson; been a Chair or Co-Chair of a club or District Project; attended one training event - Officer Training, Leadership Training or other Lions Clubs International sponsored class; attended a USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum, International Convention or Multiple Convention; promoted a new idea, service project or fundraiser that was adopted by your club or District that meets the mission of Lions; attended 5 or more club events; and attended a club meeting of another club. This award can be earned over several years.

Recipients Include:

Lion Bev Simard - 2017
Lion Rolly Simard - 2017
Lion Pat Woodworth - 2017
Lion Len Woodworth - 2017
Lion Bob Lesko - 2017
Lion Mel Mitchell - 2017
Lion Mike Roy - 2017
PDG Lion Nick Bessem - 2017
Lion Bonnie Popowich - 2017
Lion Darryl Popowich - 2017

Paul Lueken - 2019

Cindy - Lueken - 2019

Mitch Mackay - 2019

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