Kewaunee Lions Club

PO Box 252, Kewaunee WI 54216

Scholarship Application



  • A current senior who is planning on attending a post-secondary school.
  • (2 total) To a student going into the medical field.
  • (2 additional) students going to a trade school (Mechanics, Agriculture, Trades or Engineering)


Deadline:, April 15th    

Return completed application to:            

Kewaunee Lions Club - Scholarship, PO Box 252, Kewaunee, WI 54216

For Students who do not attend Kewaunee High School and only live in School District, (i.e. home schooled, etc.).


The Kewaunee High School guidance office (KHS students).

Name: ________________________________

Address: ______________________________  

Phone No._____________________________  

College, University, or Technical College you plan to attend: ______________________________________


Have you been accepted there? ____________________________

What program do you intend to study? ______________________________

I give permission to have a copy of my transcripts included with this application. ______________________


Please sign and date below.  If you are under 18 years of age, you must have a parent or guardian sign.






On separate sheet - Describe the following in 100 words minimum in typed or written form.

“Why did you choose your field/program to study?”


Attach two (2) letters of recommendation:

  1. One from school (teacher, staff, board etc.) if two from this category must have additional from employer or organization.
  2. One from employer,
  3. One from service organization (i.e. volunteer organization supervisor, person you baby-sit for,

or anyone worked for at no monetary compensation etc.)

Revised 1/31/2014

Revised 9/1/2017

Revised 3/20/2023

Revised 2/25/2024

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