Special Menu at Haunted Forest

Severed Fingers (hot dogs)

Mini-Tombstones (mini-tacos)

Blood & Guts (chili)

Totilla Chips & Slime (nachos)

Buzzard Eggs (cinnamon/sugar balls)

Witches Brew (hot chocolate)

Sludge (coffee)

& the usual candy bars and soft drinks.


Kennewick Lions Food Trailer

The concession trailer has long been the mainstay of Kennewick Lions fund raising activity. You may have seen the Lions' trailer at various events in the Tri-cities, selling good food at reasonable pricesLast year we were at the Pasco JayCees Easter Egg Hunt, Water Follies,  the Tumbleweed Festival, the Fall Dog Show (at Columbia Park), and the Pasco JayCees Haunted Forest.

Depending on the venue, we offer either a full menu that includes cooked-to-order hamburgers, hot dogs, chili dogs, mini-corn dogs, chili, nachos, chicken strips, French fries, and "Lion Balls" (deep fried biscuit dough coated in sugar & cinnamon), or limited items such as pancakes and sausage for a breakfast, or only hamburgers for a picnic event.  For beverages, in addition to Coca-cola soda pop products on tap, coffee and hot chocolate, we sell both bottled sports drinks and water.

  For many years we sold out of our old brown concession trailer. Then in 2001, we decided we needed an upgrade and spent about four and a half months building the forty-foot fifth wheel trailer pictured above. This was constructed to Washington State Labor & Industries standards and is fully approved.

Inside it is equipped with two large gas grills a steam table, and two deep fry units. It has two freezers, and a commercial cooler/refrigerator. A commercial coffee maker, a hot chocolate machine and six-tap Coke dispenser provide beverage service.

The trailer is entirely staffed by Lions volunteers, who have current Food Handler's Certificate through Benton-Franklin Health District. So, other than the overhead costs (propane, cooking and food handling supplies, food products, permits and site rental fees) all monies go to support Kennewick Lions Club's charitable activities.

For more information or to inquire about having the trailer at your event contact: Denise Watt,  509.783.9288 

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