Staff shortages have caused a longer than expected time to fabricate eyeglasses that were ordered during our Eyeglass Clinic in September. When the eyeglasses are received, we will call to notify people when and where to get pick up their eyeglasses. 
-Lion Joe Shian, President, Kenmore Lions Club

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Kenmore Lions and friends prepare to march in the annual Ken-Ton Memorial Day Parade!Kenmore Lions and friends prepare to march in the annual Ken-Ton Memorial Day Parade!

On May 8, 1929, the Lions Club of Kenmore joined The International Lions Clubs with 32 Charter Members to serve the Kenmore/Tonawanda community in New York State.

For over 85 years, the Lions Club of Kenmore has aided the visually impaired in keeping with Helen Keller's request in 1925 for all Lions to be her "Knights of the Blind."  However, we are also proud of the many other numerous ways we have been able to help our community.  For a description of the many Kenmore Lions' projects please review our Club's projects page.

If you wish to learn more about the Lions Club of Kenmore, discuss membership possibilities or ask about assistance, please go to our contact page.


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