Photo Gallery

First Project - Seminar on Reproductive Health at Mahavelipura School , Suriyapura, Kanthale.

Mega Surgical Clinic at Thoppur.

Seminar On Wound Care to Fascilitate Better Care for Internally Displaced Patients at Base Hospital, Kanthale

Mega Medical Clinic at Echchalampattu

Mega Medical Clinic at Serunuwara

Mega Medical Clinic at Thambalagamuwa

Seminar On Leadership Development for Nurses and Doctors at Base Hospital, Kanthale

Eye Clinic at Central College, Kanthale

Mega Medical Clinic at Kaladi, Lankapatuna, about 150 km off Trincomalee

Appreciating the Vice Governor Lion Ananda Balasooriya Plus the Christmas Party at Silverstar Hotel, Trincomalee

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