Lion Missy our club’s recycling Chairperson set up her garage to be efficient in the sorting of eyeglasses, hearing aids, cell phones, pull tabs, keys, and ink cartridges.   Not seen in the photo are her parents Lions Bobbi & John Joseph who spent 3 hours on a Saturday going through the boxes of items brought in by many Joliet Noon Lions.  When all the sorting was over,  the club had collected: 3,250 eyeglasses (1500 plastic framed / 1750 wired framed),  36 hearing aids, 70 cell phones (and cords),  267 ink cartridges, 3 pounds of keys, and 2 pounds of pull tabs.

Lions Missy and John Joseph took all the recycled items to the new Foundation office in Sycamore, IL. The 15 white cases in the photo all came from Joliet Noon.  They were just a small part of the 750 cases that were awaiting for further sorting.

President Reveneal O’Brien of the Channahon Lions and hubby PDG OB were among the many Lions who spent time on a Saturday sorting through the 750 cases of glasses.  Just look at the piles of glasses behind Prez Reveneal.

When done, the sorted glasses were repacked in cases of 1800 each.  91 cases of those sorted glasses were then shipped to Wanatah Prison in Indiana where inmates will clean & wash, the glasses, measure their prescriptions, and then wrap them and place then in boxes which will be shipped world wide wherever there’s a screening going on to provide  glasses to people in the third world countries.

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