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Our Club is actively running fund raising events on a monthly basis, We have a variety of events throughout the year and our goal is to help as many people as we can with financial assistance when they need it most.


The Isanti Lions Club has a fund raising pancake feed on the Third Sunday of every month. These regular feeds help raise money for a variety of community projects, families or individuals.

The Isanti Lions want you to be as successful as possible in your fund raising efforts. That's why we created this 22 page, comprehensive guide to help you advertise, recruit volunteers, sell tickets and launch new fund raising events online. We call it the
Fund Raising Roar.
Download it from the links below

Fund Raising Roar PDF Version Adobe PDF version of The Fund Raising Roar. Adobe Acrobat Reader Required
Isanti Lions Fund Raising Roar
The Fund Raising Roar MS Word Version

MS Word 95-97 compatible version of The Fund Raising Roar. MS Word 95 or 97 required. This is an editable version. [ CLICK HERE ]

The Fund Raising Roar MS Word Version

MS Word 2010 compatible version of The Fund Raising Roar. MS Word 2010 required. This is an editable version. [ CLICK HERE ]

If you need our help, or know someone who does, fill out the online form below for consideration.  Although our normal fund raising events are corn feeds and pancake feeds, we will always consider new ideas or teaming up with other organizations to raise funds.

Everyone faces challenges in their family, life or organization at one point or another. The Lions Club was founded with the simple mission to serve those in need. Community projects, clubs, individuals or families are encouraged to contact us and discuss your fund raising goals.
Complete our Fund Raising Request Form, below, for confidential consideration.
You can also send us an email at
Or call us to leave a message at 763-354-7689 Press Option 2


Isanti Lions Fund Raising Event Request
Isanti Lions Club Fund Raising Event Request Form is a lawful request for financial assistance from the Isanti Lions Club
  • If the assistance request is associated to an organization, please fill this in.
  • - -
  • If you are submitting this request on behalf of someone else, please fill this in.
  • Select the type of fund raising event you would like to have.
  • Describe IN DETAIL what the fund raising event will be used for. Identify specific names, needs, or circumstances.
  • What other organizations have your asked for help? Enter None if there are no other organizations.
  • Of the organizations you have requested assistance, which ones are assisting you? Enter None if no other organizations are providing assistance.
    Is assitance approval needed from any other organization (ie; City Cousel, School Board, etc.)
    If approval is needed, have you already obtained the approval?
  • If you have obtained approval, who have you obtained it from?

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