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Houma Lions Club members 2012-2013

Houma Lions Club Officers 2012-2013 President: Lion Terry , 1st Vice-President: Lion C.J. B., 2nd Vice-President: Lion Marsha , Secretary: Lion Elaine, Treasurer: Lion Sally, Immediate Past President: Lion Noel, Membership Chairman: Lion Martha,

Board Members: 1st year Directors: Lion Peggy and Lion Judy, 2nd year Directors: Lion Roxie and (not pictured): Lion Tee (not pictured), Chaplain: Lion Joyce, Past District Governor: Lion L. J., Past President: Lion C. J. D.

Members 2012-2013 : Lions: Sherry. Becky, Heidi, Joseph(Noel), Sue, Ray, Nell, Raymond, Jane, Randal, James, Murphy, William, Brandon, Melinda, and (not pictured) Sidney, Chad, Christy,and Tommy

Front Sign of the Crippled Children's Camp

Cabinet Meeting At Montegut Lions Home 2012 (attended) Lion Sally. Lion Elwood, Lion Noel L., Lion Roxie, Lion Terry, Lion Elaine, Lion Martha, and (Myself) Lion C. J. B. and Lion Marsha and Lion Heidi

One of many games at the T-Caillou Fair Bean Bag Toss October 2012

Halloween 2012 at Evergreen Cajun Center (featured) in front Houma Lion Secretary: Elaine and Houma Lion President: Terry (Back row : Lions Elwood, Becky and Randal

Hurricane Sandy 2012 donation crew: Lions: Elaine, Sherry, Melinda, Randal, Peggy, Murphy, Terry, Jarrod, and Becky

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