On behalf of the entire membership of the Palolo Lions Club, we appreciate you visiting our club's website.  Hawaii's multi-cultural diversity where east meets west has played an important role in forming Lions Clubs International of today.

On our History of Lionism page, you will find out how a gentleman from South Carolina started an organization which was the forerunner of the Honolulu Lions Club.  How a social maverick of his day Colbert Kurokawa brought social justice in opening up Lions Club membership to non-white males.  How the Hawaiian Goddess Pele became the first women member in Lions Club International history as well as other interesting of information.

If you enjoy having that "feel good" feeling when helping others and have some spare time.  "Don't be shy give Lions a try" ... No special skill is needed nor do you have to be rich to be a member of Lions Clubs International.  We are individuals just like you, dedicated to the service of others. 

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