The Lions of District 50 Hawaii is a dedicated group of men and women that identify a number of critical community needs, then work together to raise the funds & manpower to fulfill those needs. 

The Hawaii Lions District 50 encompasses the State of Hawaii, there are eight regions with each region having one or two zones.  District 50 has a total membership of 1,800 Lions in 66 Lions Clubs.



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Alexander Hume Ford, born on April 3, 1868, in Charleston, South Carolina, In 1907, he settled down in Honolulu, founded the Outrigger Canoe Club in 1908. 

Ford became a promoter of Hawaiian tourism and surfing and was instrumental in forming the Pan-Pacific Club, an international organization aimed at fostering the interests of, and harmony among, all nations bordering the Pacific Ocean.

In the spring of 1926, Charles Lewis, secretary of the Long Beach (Calif.) Lions Club, came to Honolulu to scout the potential of expanding Lionism overseas. Lewis met with Alexander Hume Ford, director of the Pan-Pacific Union, and the first overseas Lions club was formed on October 11, 1926, with the chartering of the Pan Pacific Lions Club which later changed to the Honolulu Lions Club in December 1932.

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At the 1926 International Convention in San Francisco, the Honolulu Lions Club made a significant contribution to the global expansion of Lionism. 

When Lionism first began, the constitution contained the words “for whites only”.  The Honolulu Lions delegation, led by charter member Cobert Kurokawa, was successful in striking out the words “for whites only” from the constitution.

This momentous amendment was unanimously passed by the convention delegates and made it possible to expand the good works of Lionism to the world.

Another significant contribution made by a Lion of District 50 was the composition of the International Lions Pledge by Lion Tom Shields of the Honolulu Lions Club.  The Lions Pledge was adopted by the International Board of Directors in 1974.


I pledge allegiance to my country
and to the cause of peace
throughout the World.
I believe in the principles of
Lionism as contained in the
Lions Code of Ethics.
I am proud to be a Lion
dedicated to the service of others.