July 3, 2017-- Hollis Lions shared in the celebration in Chicago. They attended the planetary sessions and participated in several workshops. Hollis Lions also collaborated with Hollis Leos and walked the Strides for diabetis Walk. 


July 10, 2017-- Hollis Lions joined Lions Clubs New International President Naresh Aggarwal to celebrate the lighting to the New York City famed Empire State Building. the building was lite with blue and yellow representing Lions Clubs International colors.


July 2017--Lion Claudette Toledo participated or spearheaded several service projects. She taught knitting for over 7 hours, took the elderly shopping and helped at a church fundraiser by printing tickets and flyers.


 August 2- August 6th, 2017-- Leos from across the USA and around the world embark on Long Island to participate in a 1st USA Leo forum. Our special guest was Vice President Gudrun. Hollis Lions and Leos volunteered as workshop presenters, registration assistants and, host to Leos from around the world. Lion Adina Callender hosted a Leo from Suriname. The event sponsored 35 Leos and 30 Lions. Lion Annette Cooke--Secretary of the Leo Leadership Forum conducted training for Leo Advisors. Lion Grace Perkins and Lion Sonia Bennett chaperone Leos during physical activities such as swimming. Lion Maureen Thomas, President of Hollis donated funds to help host gala for the forum. 


August 16, 2017 -Hollis Lions worked in collaboration with Hollis Leos to support the annual back to school event at the Forestdale Foster Care Organization. A total of 46 book bags were donated. The school book bags were stuffed with: composition notebooks, glues, crayons and many more supplies.  



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