Hastings Rivertown Lions Club

Current Service Projects

Decorating Christmas Trees at Regina Senior Living:

During the first week of December, members of the club will meet from 6:00 to 7:45 p.m. to remove the old decorations and lights.  Club members refresh the trees by placing new shatterproof ornaments and new lights. We usually do two to three trees that night.    

Decorating a Christmas Tree at Hastings Vet's Home:

During the first week of December, members of the club will meet from 6:30 to 8:30 at the Hastings Vet's Home.  In 2017, club members decorated a Ladder Tree with lots of good, used books. In 2018, the club will use the Ladder Tree again, and decorate it with decks of cards, games, and puzzles.  This will be our 3rd year doing this at the Vet's Home.    

Eyeglasses for Needy Child:

The club, has the funds, we work with Eyenique Vision to provide a pair of eyeglasses for a needy elementary child.  This request came from a nurse in the school district.  The parents must provide a prescription information to Eyenique Vision.  Again, funds must be available to do this.  

Feed My Starving Children:

Lions District 5M6 has established a District Wide Service Project.  Feed My Starving Children was selected.  Clubs are encouraged to participate in this one day event.  This year, it is Monday, April 15th, 2019. Each club is to sign up club members, friends, family members and other volunteers to partcipate on the date.  Also, clubs are encourage to donated funds to defray the Feed My Starving Children operating expenses.  

KidSight Lions District 5M6:

A new service project was started a couple of years ago.  Last year, the District Lions 5M6,  was able to purchases Eye Screenimg Equipment. Lions were trained.  Clubs were encouraged to screen 6 month to 6 year old children attending Pre-Schools in their community.  During the Eye Screen, a Lion will focus the equipment towards the child's eyes and take a picture.  The results of the test is printed out.  If the child does not pass the, the child will be given a letter to take to their parents about the screening.  Parents are encouraged to take their child to their eye doctor for another eye check and possible eyeglasses.    

Legacy Eyeglasses and Hearing Aides Project:

Lions Club International encouraged local Lions Clubs to estabish a Legacy Project in their community.  Our club set up a date, in the Fall and in the Spring, to collect used eyeglasses and used hearing aides.  Members of the community would drive into the Hastings Senior Center parking lot to our Lions Table, along the sidewalk to drop off their used eyeglasses and used hearing aides.  In return, they received a bottle of water, a Minnesota Lions Vision Foundation Glasses Wipe and a Lions White Cane.  Other collection sites include Hastings Senior Center, Rivertown Eye Center, Allina Clinic, Hastings Family Service and others.  Used eyeglasses are recylced and distributed to third world countries.  Used hearing aides are given to the Minnesota Lions Hearing Foundation for recycling. 

Lions Float for Rivertown Days Parade:  

The District Lions 5M6 provides a Lions Float to Lions Clubs to used in their local parades.  Ou club has used the float serval times.  We do rotate each year with the  Stillwater Lions Club due to both clubs having a parade on the same day.  Our club had used the float in the Sunday parade during Hastings Rivertown Days.  Rivertown Days is scheduled for the 3rd weekend of July.  

Mid-Winter 5M6 Convention: 

Each year, District Lions 5M6 hosts a Mid-Winter Convention in January.  Clubs are encouraged to send their delegates and club representatives to the convention.  On Friday night, Lions clubs sponsor Hospitality Rooms.  Only Registered Lions can attend.  Also, that night, Lions 5M6 will honor those Lions who have passed away during the last 12 months.  A slideshow is prepared showing a photo of the Lion and some statements about the Lions service in the club.  On Satuday, delegates must register before attending special sesions, the President's Luncheon and Governor Dinner, and the Annual Business Meeting.  Registered delegates will vote at the business meeting. On Sunday, the delegates attend the Secretary's Breakfast.  The Peace Poster winner is introduced to the delegates.  A guest speaker addresses delegates at each meal. The convention committee will provide a service project for delegates during the weekend.  

Park Clean Up at Greten Park in Hastings:

The Hastings Park's Department has designated Greten Park as HRLC Park.  The club is required to clean up the park three times a year.  The club schedules these times in May, August, and in early October. The club has found that the nieghborhood has done a great job of keeping their spark clean & attrractive. Our name is displayed on the park's sign.  

Salvation Army Bell Ringing at Cub:

Each year, the Lions District and the Salvation Army plan to start off their Bell Ringing Campaign, in November, with Lions Club Members manning the kettles on a Saturday.  Our club members work at both doors, at Cub, from 9:00 a.m to 6:00. p.m. 

State Fair - KidSight, Hearing and Vision Booths:

Lions District 5M6 sets up booths for testing pre-school children at KidSight, handing out materials and signing up eye donors at the Minnesota Lions Vision Foundation, and handing out hearing aid information at the Minnesota Lions Hearing Foundation.  Club members sign up to work shifts at a booth on one or more of the 12 days of the State Fair.

Tote For Hope Tub:

The club fills a tub with emergency supplies (paper, pens, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, quarters, combs, etc.) that is given to the Hastings Fire Department.  They keep two Tote for Hope Tubs at the department.  After a house fire, where a family has been displaced, they offer the tub to the residents for their use until their insurance can kick in.  Club members will purchase supplies and a member will fill and house the tubs until the Fire Department needs one. Items in the tub have been approved by the Red Cross.     

Vets - Adopt A Vet at Christmas:

Our club will receive two names of veterans living at the Hastings Vets Home to purchase gifts for them for Christmas.  Members receive a list of gifts that the vet wants and they go shopping for the vet.  Gifts are wrapped and taken to the Vets Home before Christmas.

Vets Home June Picnic: 

In June, the club is scheduled to volunteer at grilling and serving at a June, noon picnic.  This is a joint effort with the Hastings Lions Club, and Miesville Lions Club and our club.  We grill hamburgers and brats.  Volunteers serve lunch to the vets. 






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