Senior Boys Night

This tradition has been in place for many decades (about 50 years!):  The senior boys are invited to share a meal with the Gresham Lions and hear a little about their future roll in community service.  This photo is of the members of the class of 1980.  Front row: Tom Huntington, Bryan Nietzer, Gary Paiser, Gordon Wesener, Brian Miller, Chuck Ward, and Joe Hoffman.  Second Row:  Lion President Grant Stoehr, Jim Beyer, Randy Nietzer*, Jay Crowe, John Meirhofer, and Brian Reopelle.  * = current Gresham Lion.  This tradition has changed, starting in 2016 all members of the Senior Class (male & female) have been invited to join the Lions for a regular meeting, meal and a guest speaker.

Gresham Lion's Scholarship

The first scholarship was awarded about forty years ago.  The Gresham Lions are strong supporters of the Gresham Commnity School.  They have donated to a wide variety of projects at the school ranging from computer software, public address systems for the gymnasium, playground equipment and  milk for low-income students.  Scholarships to help and encourage students to gain further training and education have been a constant goal of the club.  The scholarship funds have increased five-fold and a committee selects the awardees from many applicants.

2010 scholarship recipients with Past-President Tim Paiser... left to right: Whitney Cerveny, Mariah Rekow, Amanda Paiser, Heather Bunker.


Charter Member - Lion Jim Redmond &

Gresham Lions Club's Sixty Year Anniversary!





The awards begin...


Lion Pete Andre, District Govenor, Lion Jim Redmond and Lion Raymond Rigsby, Gresham Lions President


Lion Jim's family: Wife, Sons, Daughters and Sons-In-Law



Johnson-Redmond Gresham Lions Park

Recently the park sign was up-graded.  Lion Tom Mehlberg lead this project with the help of Lion President Ray Rigsby and Lion John Paul Bauman.  Below is a "before" photo of the sign with Lion Jim Redmond:


Here the work proceeds to add new posts:


The nearly completed project with (left to right) Lion President Ray Rigsby, Lion Jim Redmond and Lion Tom Mehlberg.  Future plans include further landscaping:





Looking Back as we built the Gresham Lions Shelter:













Centennial Community Legacy Project

In 2015-2016 the Gresham Lions chose to continue their efforts to improve the community and celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Lions Clubs.  Our Legacy Project was to improve the signs leading into the village.  We worked in partnership with the Village and had some help from the Utility Crews in re-erecting the new signs.



The first sign completed:


The second sign:


The third sign:


The project is completed:




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