2022-23 Officers & Directors 

(*without voting privileges)

President                         Mike Harris

1st VP                              Martha Bennett

2nd VP                            Karen Kenyon

3rd VP                             Roger Alford

Secretary                        Karen Kenyon

Club Service Chair         Nancy Austin

LCIF Chair                       Linda Rumsey

Treasurer                         Ken Holliday

Membership Chair          John Holland

Chaplain *                        Joel Waddell

Lions Tales Editor *        David O'Shields

Past President                Don Coggins 

Song Director *                Joel Waddell

Tail Twister *                    Robert Phillips 

Lion Tamer *                     Roger Alford

Webmaster *                     David O’Shields

Chair of Sight Committee *     Ed Reed

Chair of Vision Screening *     Linda Rumsey

Chair of Media Promotions *   Martha Bennett

Directors: Jack Atkins (2021-2024); Troy Taylor (2021-2024); Chuck Barnes (2021-24); Mark Cox (2022-2025); Vicki Kennedy (2022-2025); & Jim Brown (2022-2025)

(Directors' term runs from July to June.)

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